Victory of politics against corruption and communalism: Popular Front

Popular Front Chairman KM Shareef congratulated Aam Admi Party and Arvind Kejriwal for their landslide victory in Delhi assembly election. Shareef said that it is a victory of politics against corruption and communalism.
The victory should be taken as an unequivocal statement of Indian people that they want a change in present political culture held by mainstream parties. It is also a heavy blow to BJP which tries to survive on the Hindutva communal plank and Modi cult, and a warning for the PM to correct his path and control the fanatic hindutva elements. The Congress party, which comes with dismal results after each election, has to undergo serious introspection.
Chairman of Popular Front expressed his hope that Kejriwal government will keep his promises and provide equal justice to all by ending discrimination against dalits and minorities.
He hoped that the new government in Delhi would not only be free of corruption but also be successful in cleaning the administration from communalism.

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