UP Assembly Elections: Popular Front asks people to keep BJP out of power

Popular Front of India has appealed the people of Uttar Pradesh to exercise their voting power in the Legislative Assembly elections for defeating BJP and enabling a secular government in the state. North Zone secretary of the organisation Mr. Anis Ansari cautioned that if BJP gains majority in UP, it will be disastrous not to the state alone, but to the future of the nation.
The central government led by BJP has been a burden to common people due to enormous hike in prices of essential commodities coupled with currency ban which still continues. Above all, the politics of hate being promoted by BJP government is not only a threat to weaker sections such as dalits and religious minorities. Modi government is keeping the whole society in an atmosphere of violence and leading the nation to disintegration. UP Assembly elections are crucial for BJP and so for the entire India, because Modi government can get majority in Rajya Sabha only if they gain more seats there.
BJP could capture maximum seats in the last Lok Sabha elections not because the majority voted for them, but opposition votes were divided among different candidates. Though the decision of SP and Congress to form an alliance is a welcome step in preventing split of secular and minority votes to that extent, more number of non-BJP candidates contesting in a single constituency makes decision making still difficult. In this situation, Mr. Anis Ansari asked the voters in each constituency to prevent division of secular and minority votes and consolidate them in order to ensure the defeat of BJP candidate.
Mr. Anis Ansari demanded an open assurance from all non-BJP parties and candidates that they will not be supporting BJP to form government, in case the elections result in a hung assembly. He reminded all non-BJP party leaders that for the people it is also a matter of serious concern while exercising their vote.

Anis Ansari
North Zone Secretary
Popular Front of India

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