Face the Lok Sabha election with an alternate pro-people manifesto: Popular Front urges Non-BJP parties

A resolution passed by the National Executive Council meeting of Popular Front of India has urged the Non-BJP opposition parties to face the people in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections with a an alternative manifesto as against the anti-people, corporate and communal agenda of Narendra Modi government. The meeting pointed out that the suffering masses are not just looking for a change of parties and leaders that run the government, but a New India of justice and peace to all citizens and classes.
The country currently witnessed one of the worst central governments post independence. The Modi government has proved to be disastrous in every aspect of governance. It has not only failed miserably in improving the quality of life of the people, but also in providing security to their lives, especially of the Minorities and Dalits. There are clear signs that nation’s economy is in ruins. Any form of dissent is met with exceedingly authoritarian and anti-democratic means of repression. All the above factors make the next Lok Sabha election most critical in the history of the country. Such a situation warrants close assessment not only of the present ruling party but also the opposition parties as to how well they have performed their democratic duty. Unfortunately, other than mere hollow rhetoric and unrealistic promises just like what BJP did before 2014 election, we are yet to hear from the opposition parties any clear and compressible alternative to the current pro-rich, anti-people and communal politics of BJP. The weak and poor sections of the society are concerned of an alternate politics. They deserve to know how post BJP India is going to be different from the BJP ruled India.
The Congress in the past has shown many things in common with BJP. During the Congress rule too communal fanatics in the country enjoyed impunity on different occasions. From the demolition of Babri Masjid to scores of anti-Muslim riots, many assaults occurred during Congress rule. Most of the draconian laws like UAPA and AFSPA and repressive agencies like NIA were introduced by Congress. If it was Congress led governments that opened country’ door for corporates through their neo liberal policies, BJP is now championing it further. When BJP introduced 10% economic reservation for general category, an idea that destroys the foundations of affirmative action in India, almost all major opposition parties including left parties and regional parties rallied in support of it.
If Congress or other parties are seeking merely a government change without any fundamental change in their policies, they lack the moral right to present themselves as the alternative to BJP. This way, they will never be able to prevent the country falling again in the grip of fascist deep state, nor will they improve the economy and lives of the people in the country. The meeting demanded all opposition parties other than BJP and its allies to come up with a clear and comprehensible manifesto that undertakes to improve the life of the common people and ensure equal justice and security to all depressed classes and minority communities.
Ayodhya land acquisition:
Central government petition is a backdoor attempt to construct Ram temple
Another resolution adopted by the NEC of Popular Front of India said that the new petition filed by the Central Government before the Supreme Court seeking release of the superfluous land adjacent to Babri Masjid area is part of a plan to start Ram temple construction surrounding the site of demolished Babri Masjid. Following the Babri Masjid demolition in 6 December 1992, the Supreme Court had acquired the entire land in order to prevent any illegal construction there till the court give final judgement in the land ownership case. Other than the electoral compulsions upon the ruling BJP, there is no emergency situation whatsoever to restore the land acquired under Acquisition of Certain Area in Ayodhya Act of 1993. It can only be done after the judicial resolution of the longstanding dispute. The meeting appealed to apex court to reject the politically motivated government plea on the eve of Lok Sabha election and maintain the status quo in the area till its final verdict in the title suit.

Central Budget just an eyewash and deceit
The NEC meeting of Popular Front of India termed that the high promises contained in the Budget presented in the parliament are just eyewash and cheating exercise because the Modi government will expire within next four months. The heavy flood of sops itself is an indication of the turmoil in BJP camps about the backlash they expect from people in forthcoming LS election. Popular Front appealed the people to reject such election gimmicks of ruling BJP and look into the failed performance of Modi government.

Renewal of SIMI ban unjust, undemocratic
The NEC of Popular Front of India has observed that the renewal of ban on Students Islamic Movement of India is unjust, undemocratic and repetition of political vendetta. SIMI was first banned by the then BJP government in 2001 and it was extended seven times by all successive governments. There was no terror accused case against the organisation at the time of ban. Most of the SIMI members who were later booked in criminal cases were acquitted. More over many blast cases that were first put on former SIMI members like Malegaon, Ajmer, and Makkah Masjid were later found to be handiworks of Hindutva groups. But none of those Hindutva outfits has been banned so far by any government. Further, any terrorist incidents were not attributed to SIMI during the past five years after the last renewal of the ban on it. The meeting called upon the civil society to raise their voice against the unjust and undemocratic continuance of SIMI ban.
Awareness Campaign against Citizenship Amendment Bill
The meeting decided an awareness campaign all over India against the democratic and constitutional violations inherent in the Citizenship Amendment Bill passed by the Lok Sabha. The bill excludes Muslims only from the ambit of granting citizenship for refugees from certain neighbouring countries. It is an overt attempt at smashing the very basic ideal of Indian constitution that is the rejection any discrimination on the basis of religion. Various programmes like posters, pamphlets, gatherings, protests etc will be organised in across India. The meeting called upon all Non-BJP political parties to be in the forefront of the campaigns and agitations that have emerged against the bill from among the religious, linguistic and cultural minorities in different regions.
Chairman E Abubacker presided over the meeting. Vice Chairman O M A Salam, General Secretary Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Secretaries Abdul Wahid Sait, Anis Ahmed and other members of NEC attended the meeting.