ED Notices addressed to Popular Front Office Bearers: Yet another political vendetta of BJP Government

We believe that the notices issued by the Enforcement Directorate at New Delhi today (28-01-2020) naming the office bearers of Popular Front of India and requiring them to appear for giving evidences as part of their investigation is an ill-motivated move at the behest of the RSS controlled BJP Government. It is only the latest in the series of ongoing attempts to suppress our organisation. We are sure that all sensible and honest citizens and groups in India will see it only as political vendetta because of our consistent stand and resolute fights against the evil designs of RSS and BJP.

Once the government started realising the strength of nationwide protests against the anti-people CAA, NRC and NPR which is getting intensified day by day as the voice of the nation, they are playing all dirty games to destroy or at least weaken the movement. The central and state governments controlled by RSS are making Popular Front a scapegoat in their exercise of diverting public focus from the current mass uprising that has put Hindutva agenda in trouble. In BJP ruled states violence was created, innocent Muslims, our members and supporters in particular were targetted, accompanied by puppet media trials and large scale misinformation campaigns against Popular Front. The ways and means being adopted by authorities in the case of said notices on behalf of ED on the ground of alleged financial malpractices itself speaks about the real agenda of BJP government.

Popular Front India bear the heritage of fighting out the odds, all hurdles imposed upon it by Hindutva fascist forces through unfair means. We could overcome such threats through democratic and legal options available to our citizens. We will resort to the same course of action in the present case also. We have full faith in Indian constitution, the people of India, the idea of secular democratic nation and also in the ultimate victory of truth and fall of falsehood.