Ray of justice from Supreme Court: Popular Front

Popular Front of India Kerala State President V P Nasarudheen Elamaram has called the Supreme Court observations in Hadiya case a ray of justice.
“The observations and remarks made by honourable justices while hearing the petition filed by Shafin Jahan against the Kerala High Court order which annulled his marriage is a ray of hope for those who wish to see justice delivered. It also gives the message that truth will finally triumph.
The Kerala High Court order which invalidated Shafin Jahan-Hadiya marriage openly challenged Constitution which upholds fundamental rights above all. Popular Front had rightly pointed out back then itself that the High Court judgment was bigoted, antidemocratic and violation of fundamental rights. By the present observations, Supreme Court order has now reaffirmed Popular Front’s position.
Supreme Court has made it clear that the marriage cannot be annulled while solving a Habeas Corpus petition and that the NIA investigation of the marriage was unnecessary. The Court’s approval to implead Hadiya in the case is also in line with justice and fundamental rights.
The apex court’s observations are also a major blow to the unholy interventions of National Investigation Agency, which had been doing everything to give validity to Sangh Parivar’s anti-Muslim narrative throughout the investigation. It is also a warning against Sangh Parivar’s vicious attempts to communalise interreligious marriages and religious conversions of individuals. Meanwhile, it comes as a relief to the believers, human rights activists and all those stand for humanity. While every democratic space in the country is being encroached by fascism, the apex court, which is the last resort of the citizens, has come forward to protect the people’s faith in democracy. It has been proven once again that everything that is built upon lies is bound to collapse.”

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