Forthcoming Assembly Elections: Exercise voting right with prudence

In the context of forthcoming general elections to Legislative Assemblies in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Manipur and Goa, the National Executive Council (NEC) meeting of Popular Front of India called upon to exercise the voting right with utmost wisdom and prudence to see that BJP alliances are not forming government in any of these states. The meeting reminded that if BJP is voted to power in more number of states, the central government could interpret it as a mandate to continue their anti-people and oppressive actions such as plundering the hard earned money of common people, dividing the society on communal lines and terrorizing weaker sections in various ways. If BJP coalitions come to power in any of these states, the people in the concerned states will remain in the clutches of religious fanaticism and corporate exploitations for another five years.
Evidently BJP has taken the coming elections with all seriousness, as they are crucial for getting a majority in Rajya Sabha. But it is unfortunate that in states like UP, the secular and regional parties that pose to be the right alternative and the only option for the people, are not only at horns with each other but even within. The divisions and feuds in parties like SP, BSP and Congress, the key secular player there, are in fact easing the way of communal forces to power. It seems that these parties have left the responsibility of defeating majority communalism largely to the shoulders of minority communities. Unfortunately the minorities, who happens to be the real victims in these power games, could not so far get consolidated as political formations with sufficient influence and power.
In this situation, NEC of Popular Front appealed to local communities, organisations and their leaders in each constituency to make an objective analysis of the situation prevailing in their constituency and consolidate their votes to ensure the defeat of the communal candidate.
The Foundation Day of Popular Front will be celebrated on 17th February in all states by organizing variety programmes in this year, in view of the 10th anniversary of its declaration as a national movement in 2007. The meeting also discussed the working plan for the new term and made nominations to various organisational departments. NEC constituted the new Central Secretariat of the organisation.
Chairman E Abubacker presided over the meeting. General Secretary Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Vice Chairman O M A Salam, Secretaries Abdul Wahid Sait, Anis Ahamed and Treasurer Muhammed Shahabudin led the discussions.

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