Economic reservation shatters idea of representative democracy: Popular Front

Popular Front of India chairman E Abubacker has stated that the central government move to introduce 10% quota for economically backward people of general category is an act that shatters the very idea of representative democracy and is detrimental to the efforts for social justice.

Article 15 and 16 of the constitution clearly stipulates reservation only for socially and educationally backward classes. When central government makes a constitutional amendment to make economic reservation possible, it is against the very rationale behind the idea of reservation. The quota reservation in public services is not a poverty alleviation programme. It was brought into being as means to end systemic deprivation of power suffered by the weaker sections based on their caste or community for thousands of years, and to ensure the adequate representation for the such deprived section of the society in government services. Unlike caste and community, the economic status of Individuals doesn’t remain constant and it keeps fluctuating. Therefore it is not rational to provide reservation based on economic criteria. Besides, even poverty in our country is still largely caste based. The present move is against 1992 Supreme Court judgment in Indra Sawhny case which has rejected reservation based on economic criteria. On the other hand, it is the responsibility of the government to alleviate poverty of the people irrespective of caste and community through various welfare measures. This has to be achieved without diluting the present community quota reservation system.
This move is a last moment attempt of the BJP Government to appease anti-reservation forces and forward castes in the country, after wasting away five years without anything to convince the voters. E Abubacker has appealed all the marginalized sections to unitedly oppose this anti-reservation conspiracy of BJP which enjoys the support of upper caste controlled parties like Congress and CPI (M).