RSS resolution a testament of hatred: Popular Front

Press Release New Delhi 29/10/2013

A statement released today by the Central Secretariat of Popular Front of India called the resolution passed by the Akhil Bharatiya Karyakarini Mandal of RSS that alleged Jehadi radicalization in southern states, a testament of hatred and an attempt to further violence.

The Central Secretariat said that RSS leadership had finally declared Popular Front as its prime target and demanded repressive measures by the government because they are afraid of the bold initiatives in empowering the marginalized minorities and consistent people’s resistance to communal fascism spearheaded by the organization.

The ultimate utterance of RSS in despair to impose a ban on the organization will also prove fruitless in containing the human urge for fundamental rights and equal justice, as it has become evident so far from the failure of the continuous repressive measures by their agents planted in the centres of power.

The Central Secretariat reiterated the following: “The fascist ideology of RSS is the most dangerous threat to people’s unity and national security. We are a movement which has identified this threat. The Front is determined to exercise its national responsibility and democratic right to check all divisive forces like RSS and its allies through lawful and democratic means. We will neither be intimidated nor diverted from this national and democratic mission. Therefore it is no wonder that RSS feel threatened by our presence.”

While the stories of RSS-organized communal violences and bomb blasts keep unfolding, their shameless mudslinging against a neo social movement which is fast gaining momentum among poor downtrodden sections of the society will not make them any better or make Indian people forget the bloody history of RSS.

It is RSS which have been masquerading all these years since its formation in 1926 as a Nationalistic Movement, while in fact polarizing communities and propagating violence and hatred against minorities.

Neither should they forget the fact only RSS had the privilege of being banned three times for the worst of reasons in the history of India including assassination of Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi and demolition of a National Monument Babri Masjid.

The allegations that the RSS resolution level against Muslims like “challenge to national security”, “perpetuate hard-line ideologies”, “large scale brainwashing and weapon’s training”, “anti social and anti national activities”, “safe hideouts and training ground for terror elements” and many such others are suited to RSS itself in Kerala and elsewhere and not to any Muslim organization.

The Central Secretariat has appealed to all sections of the society including main stream media, secular political parties and governments at the Centre and States not to be misled by communally charges accusations of RSS against religious minorities and their forefront organizations and to be on the side of truth and facts always.

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