Rehabilitate and provide security; Stop forceful eviction of refugees: Popular Front

The resolution released by Popular Front of India Central Secretariat met at its headquarters in New Delhi expressed deep concern over the recent attempts by the U.P. government to forcefully evict the riot victims from their camps in various parts of Muzaffarnagar. The meeting demanded their immediate rehabilitation with adequate protection.

The Secretariat stated that right from the beginning of the riots the approach of U.P. state government has been quite disappointing. Not only that the government failed to check the spread of violence, it has not attended the basic needs of the people displaced from their homes and native villages. The victims could sustain their lives in refugee camps mainly due to the humanitarian services rendered by local people and NGOs.

Now there are reports that these refugees are being forcefully evicted from their camps by the authorities, apparently in a bid to show that everything is normal in Muzaffarnagar. The Secretariat pointed out that rehabilitating the families thrown out of their native villages along with providing security to their lives and properties is the primary task the government has to fulfil.

It is highly objectionable that the State Government remains indifferent even when babies are dying in severe winter. Since rehabilitating all riot victims in their village homes or providing them permanent settlements is delayed indefinitely, the government authorities should immediately shift those refugee families suffering from winter cold in tents to permanent buildings. The Secretariat demanded that considering the seriousness of the situation, these families should be housed even by vacating government buildings or by renting private buildings.

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