Popular Front deplores Ordinance Raj for corporates, Demands protection of minority rights

The National Executive Council meeting of Popular Front of India has expressed the view that the central government has unleashed a new culture of Ordinance Raj to pass anti-people laws which are meant to only please the corporate houses. Such an act by the BJP government was not at all unexpected as it failed miserably to pass the bill in the parliament through the democratic process. The Prime Minister had sold unlimited number of false promises to the Indian voters during the election campaign and now the government is resorting to all means to satisfy the big business house who funded his election campaign. It is evident that the government is keen to raise FDI limits for insurance before US President Barack Obama comes to India on the Republic Day. Similarly the Land Acquisition ordinance is a result of increased pressure from the Infrastructure and Defense companies that plan to acquire farmer’s land for minuscule price. Whether or not the BJP respects the democratic process is another matter related to the core ideology. But once elected to power it is the duty of the government to follow Raj Dharma. The culture of ordinance Raj neglecting the parliament will take the country to authoritarian rule.

It is the collective responsibility of all the political and civil rights groups to protect our democratic and constitutional framework. A strong movement is required at a national level to end the culture of ordinance raj and save the government from the corporate houses and its lobbying agents. Popular Front urges the opposition parties and rights groups to mobilize a united fight inside and outside the parliament to defend democracy and protect the basic rights of ordinary citizens.
In another resolution, the NEC o has registered it protest against Maharashtra government’s decision to provide 16 percent job reservation for Marathas while denying the same for Muslims. The earlier decision of the state government related to reservation for Muslims and Marathas is pending before Bombay High Court, after the Supreme Court refused to entertain the petition of the state government. The NEC pointed out that the present move to grant reservation only to Marathas illustrated the anti-Muslim bias of the BJP-Shiv Sena government.

The NEC of Popular Front of India has demanded the Central Government to act upon the report recently submitted by Post Sachar Evaluation Committee (PSEC) headed by Prof. Amitabh Kundu. It is disgraceful to note that this first comprehensive official evaluation of Post Sachar and other minority centred schemes has re-asserted the relative backwardness of Muslims among all socio-religious categories in the country. According to the latest statistics collected by the PSEC, the much publicised minority centred schemes have not substantially helped to improved Muslim situation in different spheres like economy, education and employment. Under these circumstances, NEC of Front of India has decided to strengthen campaigns and agitations for the rights of minorities now under threat such as freedom of faith, secular education and job reservation.

Mohammed Ali Jinnah
General Secretary
Popular Front of India

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