CAB turns India into a fanatic anti-Muslim land: Popular Front

Popular Front of India National Secretary Anis Ahmed, in a statement, has observed that the passage of Citizenship Amendment Bill has turned the country into a fanatic, anti-Muslim land. The bill is a significant step in downgrading our democratic and secular state in to an authoritarian and racist nation by singling out Muslims as second class citizens or even non-citizens without any civil rights. More than a Hindu Rashtra, a kind of Muslim Virodh Rashtra (Anti-Muslim Fanatic Country) is being created by law with the passing of the new bill.

It must be a matter of concern of every Indian citizen that not only Muslims but all the people including those whom RSS and BJP boast to protect will suffer from the social unrest and civil strife triggered by the passage of the bill. Earlier Modi-Shah government had set people of Kashmir against the country by brutal oppressive measures and deprivation of human rights. Now similar measures are also being tried in North East region where the new law will have more immediate consequences. Nothing constructive can be expected from such legislation which can only create chaos.

Anis Ahmed congratulated all the members of both houses of the parliament and their parties who opposed the bill. They have truly upheld the spirit of Indian constitution and natural justice at a critical time. Meanwhile he condemned those MPs from non-BJP parties who colluded with BJP thereby betraying the people who trusted them, the constitution and the oath they took in its name.
Anis Ahmed hoped that Supreme Court will ultimately struck down this draconian alteration of the very concept of citizenship which has demolished the basic structure of Indian constitution.