Popular Front expresses concern over the upsurge in state terrorism

The National Executive Council meeting of Popular Front of India held at Calicut, Kerala, in a resolution, expressed deep concern over the upsurge in state violence of various forms in the country. Brutal measures like fake encounters and draconian laws are increasingly being used to quell political dissent. In the last two months itself, dozens of people were killed in police encounters in various part of the country. Muslims, Dalits and Adivasis constitute majority of the victims in these extra judicial killings and other repressive measures. The authenticity of most these encounters has been questioned. Blatant discrimination is seen also in the misuse of the repressive laws like UAPA. Since the amendments made to it in 2008, UAPA has become one of the most draconian laws in the country used to ban and detain individuals and groups that the government dislikes for political or communal reasons. Thousand of them are languishing in various jails as under trials in the country.
The ban on Dr. Zakir Naik’s Islamic Research Foundation unjustly linking it with terrorism is an example for the malicious witch-hunt of Muslim scholars, leaders and establishments. The civil liberties of Muslims to practice and propagate religion are denied while Hindutva people making hate speeches and instigating communal violence and genocides roam free. NEC of Popular Front called upon all citizens and groups to rise up to the situation, take joint and consistent steps for bringing justice to the victims and organize the public against all forms of state terrorism. The meeting decided to take out a nationwide campaign to highlight the above issues.

Demands immediate halt to demonetization
In another resolution NEC demanded immediate halt to ludicrous and utterly anti-people step of demonetization and restore normalcy to life of people. As many experts and prominent economists have pointed out, the plan was not well thought out and well discussed one. While on the ground people go through disastrous financial emergency that has already cost dozen of lives, the government claims of expected benefits are far from true. Though highly questionable, in the beginning it was claimed that the dictatorial move is intend to fight black money and terrorism, which they claim survive on counterfeit currencies. It is becoming all the clear that the move is neither about black money nor terrorism. The present rhetoric of cashless economy sends a grim message to vast majority of the population whose life is based on a cash economy. This cruel step that does not have many precedents in democratic societies is intended to cater to corporatization. It has already done its damage to the life of millions of people. NEC demanded immediate halt to the demonetization process and end the forced suffering of people.
The meeting expressed condolence on the demise of Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro who had been an inspiration to people who fight US-led neo-colonialism.
Chairman KM Shareef presided over the meeting. General Secretary Muhammadali Jinna, Vice-chairman EM Abdurahiman, NEC members OMA Salam, Muhammad Roshan, Abdul Wahid Sait Prof. P. Koya attended the meeting.

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