Government urged to facilitate early return of Assam riot victims to their homes

Stop Muslim genocide in Myanmar; Campaign announces: “Bail is the Rule; Release innocents from Jail.”
Wednesday, August 1st, 2012
New Delhi: The Central Secretariat of Popular Front of India has strongly demanded the Central and State governments to fulfil their constitutional responsibility to facilitate the victims of Assam communal riots an early going back to their homes. According to official report of Assam Director General of Police as many as 3,78,045 people (2,66,700 Muslims and 1,11,345 Bodos) are thrown out from their villages, made homeless and now lives in far away relief camps. The ground reality is that the actual situation is worse than what is in the official version. Any kind of ill-conceived policies that merely aims short-lived and inadequate rehabilitation activities for the victims and keeping the displaced families in the relief camps for long will not ultimately solve this humanitarian crisis; rather it would prove that the authorities and the civil society have succumbed to the agenda of Bodo militancy. It may also be noted that thousands of Muslim families which were ousted from their dwellings in previous riots are living on roadsides and river banks for many years. Therefore immediate efforts should be made to enable all the displaced victims to come back to their homes. All the villages which were evacuated due to the plight of victims and now under the control of criminal gangs must be freed and given back to the original owners. It is the primary duty of any civilized government to engage its security forces to end the refugee status of its own citizen groups.

Reports appeared in responsible media like The Hindu and Tehelka suggest that the violence against the Muslims in the Bodoland Territorial Administered Districts (BTAD) region was pre-planned and well executed by Bodo terrorists. The State government and police machinery has shown a dangerous failure in recognizing this threat the Muslim villagers has for long been facing from the Bodo terrorists. Statements before and during the massive riots from leading Bodo leaders strengthen this argument. Bodoland Territorial Council Deputy Chairman Kampa Borgoyri, for example, has openly stated that Muslims who are displaced from their home should not be allowed to return home. “They (Muslims who have fled) should be settled there itself. If they return, it will lead to lots of problems,” he reportedly told. For Pramod Boro, president of the All-Bodo Students Union, it was “essential that the Dhubri-Kokrajhar and Chirang-Gossaigaon borders leading to the BTAD be sealed so that miscreants from other areas could not enter these four districts”, The Hindu reported. These real perpetuators of violence, along with similar elements in the administration and police, should be brought before the law. Also the comments that politicians like L K Advani make on the Assam Muslims as ‘infiltrators’, ‘Bangladeshi immigrants‘ or ‘outside settlers‘ will not only prove to be obstacle in solving the problem, but may also further instigate tensions.
The latest development also points the finger at the utter failure of the law and order situation in Assam. The Tarun Gogoi government should not be further allowed to prove their failure in maintaining the law and order in the state especially in the BTAD region. The police were either supporting the miscreants or allowing them to act on their own wish. The Central Secretariat of Popular Front has demanded the Centre to dismiss Tarun Gogoi ministry and impose the Presidential rule in the best interest of the people of Assam.

The meeting noted that the recent flare up of communal tensions in some parts of Uttar Pradesh emphasize the fact that a mere change of ruling party is not enough to improve law and order situation and to cleanse police and administration from communal bias. There was reprehensible failure of the police in executing their duties during the recent unfortunate developments in Raebareli and Faizabad as they are reported to have acted on anti-Muslim prejudices. The meeting urged the State government that effective efforts should be made to completely de-communalise and decriminalize the police force.

The meeting also noted that the situation of Barma’s muslims continues to be worse. The United Nations and the media are not giving due attention to this grave issue ethnic cleansing and civil rights violation. The meeting requested Government of India to convey the concerns of Indian nation over the issue to Myanmer government. It is unfortunate that the bitter violations of human rights and genocide of Muslim minority in Burma by the fanatic Buddhist extremists and Burmese armed forces under the aegis of the Burmese military dictatorship did not invite required international attention. As per reports around 20,000 Muslims had been killed in Myanmar while more than 90,000 were forced to leave their homes for fear of being killed. And worship places and properties of Muslims were set ablaze. The Central Secretariat of Popular Front of India has strongly demanded of the international community, especially the UNO, Amnesty International, International Human Rights NGOs, and countries of the West to play their role in the prevention of Muslims’ genocide and protect the rights of the Muslim minority in Myanmar.

Popular Front of India has decided to launch a nation-wide campaign for the release of the innocent Muslim youth who are illegally detained in different prisons in the country. They are repeatedly denied bail in the name of UAPA provisions even after no concrete evidence could be produced to justify their detention. To work to bring justice to those innocent victims should be among the top priority of the civil society and concerned citizens and groups. Various mass awareness and protest programmes will be held in different states with the slogan – “Bail is the Rule; Release innocents from Jail.”
Chairman E. M. Abdul Rahiman presided over the meeting and General Secretary K. M. Shareef presented the reports.

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