Popular Front urges the government to Maintain peace in Coimbatore

Sunday, November 11th, 2012
Saffron terror Coimbatore
Saffron terror at Coimbatore

Chennai: For the past two months Sangh parivar fascist’s violence are escalating in Coimbatore. They were involving in arson, damaging government’s property under the pretext of protest demononstrations, said Sheikh Ansari, General Secretary of Popular Front of India and requests the government to take stringent measures to stop the ongoing violence and maintain Peace in the Industrial city.
In a press release issued today he said, On September 8, 2012, Ubaidur Rahman’s Shop at Kannappan Nagar was set to fire. A case was also registered but the real culprits of the crime has not been arrested yet. Similarly 4 Muslim commercial establishments in particular was targeted and burnt so far.

During Vinaka Chaturthi processions and public meetings Hindutwa leaders had spoken in such a way to threaten muslims that “As police cooperated with Hindus for two days in the past during the Coimbatore communal violence-1997, if policemen cooperates for one day we would ruin the city like another Gujarat. But No action has been taken yet against those who incite such communal violence and they were freely allowed to disrupt Public peace and Harmony in the city.

Again on November 5, Hindutva miscreants had stepped up their assault on Muslim women at Mettuppalayam. Communally divisive hostile environment and enmity between two different communities were purposefully created by sangh parivar fascists.

Meanwhile RSS leader has been assaulted by unidentified assailants. While the Police investigation is going on and it is about to arrest the real culprits legally, riot mongering Hindutva fascists, under the pretext of protests involving in arson, rioting and other illegal activities. They were allowed freely to set fire the commercial establishments, allowed to attack Religious priests, disrupting public peace and communal harmony, publicly inciting religious hatred and communal violence, blocking the government officials to perform their duty.

Popular Front of India strongly condemns these communally divisive illegal activities of hindutva saffron forces and urges the Police department and the government to maintain peace by taking stringent legal actions against them.

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