“Why Popular Front ?”- Kochi witnessed massive public participation at ‘Equal Justice Conference’

The Popular Front public programme in Kochi sent a strong message to the ‘conspiracy theorists’
Monday, October 22nd, 2012
EM Abdul Rahiman inaugurates ‘Equal Justice Conference’ in Kochi

Kochi: tens of thousands of volunteers, supporters and members of civil society penned a new chapter in the struggle for equal justice as the “Equal Justice Conference” organised by Popular Front of India in Kochi turned out to be a grand success, sending a strong message to the conspirators who work to tarnish the image of Popular Front. The conference was held as part of the nation-wide PFI campaign “Why Popular Front ?”. The conference emphasized that any movement that strive for the rights of oppressed people cannot be blocked with false propaganda. The conference made a strong warning against such anti-national elements.

People, in group and as individual, from women to the elders, began to move to the Marine Drive, the conference venue, from the morning itself. People who are aware of the cause PFI upholds, shift to the venue with shouting slogans. Huge participation of women attracted the public and media. The place reserved for lady participants was seen filled even before the conference begins. Supporters from Idukki, Kottayam, Ernakulam, Thrissur and Palakkad districts have marked their participation. Despite of the arrival of hundreds of vehicles with supporers from different parts of central Kerala, no traffic tension was created as the PFI volunteers were active in helping the Police in controlling the traffic. No vehicles were allowed to enter the conference area. The volunteers even attracted the praise from police for their service. Drivers and merchants in Marine Drive said they witnessed such a massive public gathering at their area never before.

The conference began with Unity song at 4:30. The other two ‘Equal Justice Conference’ will be held in Kozhikode and in Thiruvananthapuram in Oct. 30 and in Nov. 04 respectively.

Will uphold democratic-secular values: E. M. Abdul Rahiman

The neo-social movement Popular Front upholds the democratic-secular values and struggles to bring those values in practice, sid Popular Front chairman E. M. Abdul Rahiman. He was inaugurating the ‘Equal Justice Conference’ in Kochi. The message of Equal Justice is not of just the ongoing campaign, but ever sine the beginning of the organisation, we convey this very message to the people, he said. The words ‘justice’ and ‘equality’ are enshrined in the very Preamble to our Constitution. The very foundation of this democratic-secular republic has been the concept of Equal Justiice that contains those two basic values. Demovracy is the equal representation of all people; and secularism means discrimination to no religion. Governments take power to make these concept real by ensuring equal development and welfare of all religious communities and other people groups. But those who have power now ignore these very basic concepts and further sideline the already sidelined, victimised and backward groups and religious minorities. Only solution to this phenominon is the self awareness and self empowerment of the victims.

Muslims, a prominent religious community in the country, enjoy their deserving representation nowhere but only in jails. Muslims, who constitutes 25% of the Indian population, enjoys 37% of the jail population. And it is further shocking to notice that 70% of these jail inmates are under-trial prisoners. The public gathered here is an evidence that the diluted efforts to tarnish the image of the oganisation, which has hundreds of thosands of members and presence in thousands of Indian villages, would not have any acceptance among the public. It is a strong warning to those ‘negative’ and ‘anti-national’ elements. Popular Front has been a neo-social movement tha strives for the empowerment and equal justice for the Indian Muslim community that faces discrimination at different levels. Abdul Rahiman also pointed out that Popular Front, through their activities, could save the Muslim community from the situation of insecurity and helplessness and build in them the sense of rights and responsibility, and willpower.

Movements of oppressed labelled with ‘terror’: Catholica Bava

Baselios Mar Thoma Yakob I Catholica Bava
Baselios Mar Thoma Yakob I Catholica Bava addresses the gathering

Addressing the public gathering at the Equal Justice Conference, Baselios Mar Thoma Yakob I Catholica Bava said that any social movements by victimized people are being labelled with ‘terror’ and oppresed by the government. He also said the Church authorities and media persons were forcing him to reverse his decision ever since he decided to attend the Popular Front function. He also said that he considered his participation at the conference. He emphasized the need for the equal justice being available for every citizen of the country. He termed Popular Front as the shining star that raised when the ordinary people were in search of a saviour.

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