Coimbatore Neethikkaana Muzhakkam Conference

Sunday, October 21st, 2012
Coimbatore: As a part of the ongoing “Why Popular Front?” National Campaign, Popular Front of India Tamilnad Chapter had organised a regional conference at Coimbatore under the theme “Kurivaikkappatum Muslim Samookam, Neethikkana Muzhakkam” (Muslim witchhunt – A Proclamation for Justice) at Bahadur Jafarsha Grounds near Pothanur Milestone, Coimbatore today on October 21, 2012 .

Coimbatore Neethikkaana Muzhakkam Conference

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Raja Hussain welcomed the gathering. M.Mohamed Ismail MA JMC ., Vice President of Popular Front India had delivered his keynote address.

In his speech he mentioned that Popular front of India is an unique organization having special quality. While others were greedy to have everything, Our cadres were nurtured and prepared for sacrifice everything for the welfare of Humanity. Those who are against Popular Front are in fact the oppressors driving people from their home, dividing people based on language religion and region for mere political gain. They have no respect in democracy or secularism. Now Cooking baseless stories against Popular Front of India. Those who are against Popular Front of India is against peace, Harmony and against the whole humanity.

Coimbatore Neethikkaana Muzhakkam Conference
Chairman Speaking on Proclamation for Justice Conference, Coimbatore

Speaking on the occasion Ansari faizy frequently quoted from the life and teaching of Prophet Mohamed that Struggling is not a strange thing for a muslim and struggling for Justice is a part and parcel of their life.He reminded also that During Hajjatul – Wida the Last sermon of Prophet Mohamed, prophet admonished all his companion believers to be prepared for the sacrifice.

President Ismail enlisted some injustices meted out to the muslim community as a whole since Independence. Demolition of Babar Masjid case, Bomb blasts since demolition and the arrests of Bomb blast cases, injustices were done to the muslim community by Law enforcement agencies, Bureaucracy, Politicians and even Judiciary, while the real culprits and master minds behind all such crimes were well seated safely as bureaucrats in Army, Police and Intelligence services. Power centers and state administration of this nation seems to become a safe haven for the criminals. Popular Front of India rightly identifies those who behind the arrests of innocents and awakening muslim community in right time and at the right place like “Bail is the Rule-Release the under trial prisoners” etc. Thus those who misled the country so far, by giving wrong information is now worrying that their masks would be torn apart soon. So out of fear they are trying to defame Popular Front of India.

Other Leaders and dignitaries from various social organizations and political parties who had participated are as follows. E.M.Abdur rahiman, Chairman of Popular Front of India, A.S.Ismail, Tamilnadu State President of Popular Front of India, Nellai Mubarak, TN State General Secretary of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), Advocate Bhavani P. Mohan, TN State President of National Confederation of Human Rights Organizations (NCHRO), K.Kurinji, Vice President of People’s Union For Civil Liberties (PUCL), M.Mahaboob Ansari Baiji, State Executive council Member of All India Imams Council (AIIC) .

Coimbatore Neethikkana Muzhakkam Conference
Coimbatore Neethikkana Muzhakkam Conference Oct 21, 2012

Earlier In a press briefing Tamilnadu state President introduced Popular Front of India and explained why the organization being targeted frequently.
He said, Mudslinging smears campaign and slanderous hate propaganda against Popular Front of India in order to tarnish the reputation of the People’s movement, is being done systematically by the Power centers at various occasions, only because of growing acceptance of Popular Front’s activities at grassroots level throughout the nation. To present the fact and to expose the conspiracy behind the smear campaigns Popular Front of India is organizing similar mass reach out programs, Public campaigns on the theme “Why Popular Front? Reaching People Exposing the Truth” from October 10 to November 10 throughout the Nation. In Tamilnadu Three regional conferences will be held at Coimbatore (Oct 21) and Chennai & Madurai (Nov 4).

Popular Front of India is a neo social people’s movement striving hard democratically throughout the nation for the educational and social upliftment of the oppressed marginalized sections of our Indian Society, particularly Muslims whom the Government’s records witness that they were below than the status of Scheduled Tribes.

But Some crooked blacksheeps infected with communal rightwing attitude within the Intelligence services, and certain sections of Media and Police department , didn’t want these oppressed section to become an advanced and self reliant community, hates all efforts for their empowerment , systematically spitting venomous campaigns against the organization. Thus sabotaging the legitimate struggle for their rights. Smear Campaign against Popular Front of India, the vanguard of the oppressed Muslims, is a conspiracy against the empowerment of the community.

The Idea behind systematic dissemination of smear campaigns against the organisation is to conspire against the development and growth of Muslim community, is in fact, denial of Secular values enshrined in the Indian Constitution.

Popular front of India conducted various campaigns including distribution of leaflets, Street corner meets, Public meets and poster campaign etc from October 10 onwards. Public meetings attracted huge gathering at many places throughout Tamilnadu.

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