Popular Front organized human chains at various places in Bangalore

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012
Bangalore: Marking the conclusion of “BAIL IS THE RULE; RELEASE THE INNOCENTS FROM JAIL” Nation-wide campaign from 15th August 2012 to 15th September 2012 Popular Front of India, Bangalore District, organized Human Chains at Tannery road circle, Saraipalya and Tank Garden and at few other locations in Bangalore on 15th September 2012. The Human Chain started at 11.00am all over the Bangalore and lasted for 15 minutes.

Hundreds of participants took a pledge to strive together for justice on this occasion. It was followed by a public meeting and also the inauguration of “Nation Wide Signature campaign” for releasing the Innocents.

Demand of demonstrators:

As per laws of the land, jail is meant for those who are convicts and punished after trial in the court. Also it is a basic legal principle that no person is guilty unless and until his crime is proved in the court through a fair trial. Hence persons accused of crime, booked under different sections and facing trial are to be treated as innocents until the court declare them guilty and send them to jail. Not even a single individual should be kept in jail without a reason. That is why Indian law has liberal provisions to grant bail to those arrested for various crimes.

The famous ruling by our Honourable Supreme Court is that ‘Bail is the Rule and Jail is the Exception’. But in recent years there is a growing trend of denying bail to under-trial prisoners in the name of fighting extremism and terrorism. They are mostly jailed for crimes unknown to them.

After the repeal of previous black laws like TADA and POTA, the parliament has amended Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) incorporating provisions to deny bail and keep the accused indefinitely in jail.

Thousands of helpless people are in jails. A large majority of them belong to marginalised sections like Dalits, Adivasis and Muslims. In many cases, many years later they are freed after trial because the prosecution could not prove the charges against them. By that time their youthful years had been spent wasted behind the bars.

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