Remove defamatory film from cyberspace

New Delhi 18September 2012 Press Release
Wednesday, September 19th, 2012
K M Shareef, general secretary, Popular Front of India has stated, it is highly condemnable that the anti-Islam U S film still continues in cyber space, in spite of the pronouncement by the External Affairs Ministry spokesman that “Google India has, in compliance with the Indian law blocked access to offensive material”. K M Shareef said: “Yesterday we have welcomed the reported the action and appreciated the government for its timely intervention. But we are getting inputs that the film which hurts Muslim sentiments and all strait minds is still available in the internet.”
There are indications to believe that the U S film abusing the Holy Prophet of Islam is part of the continuing international conspiracy spearheaded by imperialist and Zionist forces. The U S administration is frequently intervening in the affairs of many sovereign nations to “correct their deeds”. When it comes to controlling something within their nation that hurts millions of people, it remains impotent citing technical difficulties. But India cannot follow the footsteps of U S in this matter.

K M Shareef urged the Government of India to ensure that the defamatory film is not available in India in any form and any media.

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