American consulate at chennai seiged demanding action against blasphemous Film maker

Saturday, September 15th, 2012
Chennai: American consulate blockade organised by Popular Front of India at chennai condemning the blasphemous film insulting prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) on 13th September 2012. The protest was presided by Popular Front TN State president A.S.Ismail.

The protesters assembled near New College in Royappetah Chennai from where they rallied towards the American Embassy but they were stopped and arrested by the police in the middle of their way.

The protest was attended by Social Democratic party of India State President KKSM Dhelan Baqavi, Popular Front of India Chennai district President Nazim and more three hundred activists of Popular front who came to the protest in a short notice.

While speaking to the media A.S.Imail told that “Popular Front vehemently condemns the film which insults the Prophet Muhamed (PBUH) who is dearer to millions of Muslims than their lives and also condemn the American government for failing to take action against the film maker”

The activist were later released in the evening.

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