Naroda Patia verdict is a warning to communal politics

Sunday, September 2nd, 2012
Popular Front of India has welcomed the milestone verdict in the Naroda Patia massacre case by the special fast track court in Ahmedabad, in a press statement issued by General Secretary K.M. Shareef. He said: “The Naroda Patia verdict is a landmark verdict for the country as it has strengthened the faith of the common masses on the judicial system of the country. This is also a great victory for the victims who displayed determination and steadfastness for 10 long years and bravely fought the legal battle. This will certainly ignite a ray of hope in all the other victims of communal violence who are awaiting justice. “

The statement mentioned: “Another important aspect of the verdict is that prominent political leaders were held to account. This aspect is very important noting the fact that in India we have rarely seen political leaders punished for instigating and organizing communal violence. This verdict has validated the fact that the 2002 Gujarat riots were engineered by the state government. It is a warning to all BJP leaders and their associates who project Naredra Modi, the mastermind of Gujarat violence as the prime minister waiting. We firmly believe this verdict to be great leap towards justice but complete justice will

be achieved only when all the perpetrators of violence in the Gujarat government and administration including Narendra Modi are punished for their role in the genocide.”

K. M. Shareef appreciated the positive role played by the Indian delegation headed by the Prime Minister Shri. Manmohan Singh in the recently concluded NAM summit. “Non-Alignment is fundamental

to India’s foreign policy and over the years we saw our successive governments diverging away from it. The stand taken in recently concluded NAM summit was a very positive step towards re-instating

the policy Non Alignment. Even under continuous pressure by the US and Israel, the Indian government chose to participate in the summit and our trade delegation held talks with leaders of Iran and other NAM member countries. Such a choice has really boosted the image of India among the NAM countries”. K. M. Shareef urged the Indian government to uphold an independent foreign policy by ignoring the pressures from US and its allies and by playing a more prominent role in the Non-Alignment movement.

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