Karnataka: Popular Front kicks off signature campaign against proposed anti cow slaughter bill

Thursday, June 21st, 2012
Bangalore: Popular Front of India, Karnataka, has started signature campaign against Karnataka state government’s proposed “prevention of slaughter & preservation of cattle act 2010.” The organization has termed the government’s move as anti people.

It has said in the memorandum prepared to submitt honorable president that the bill would snatch away the people’s right to food.

“This proposed bill will snatch away the “Rights to Food” of a majority of people and attempts to enforce a new “food culture” on them. The Manuvadis, since ages, have only humiliated the carnivorous meat eating populace by terms them as ‘cruel, dirty, low grade human beings’. This tends to instigate the people belonging to the Daliths, the Shudras, the Muslims and the Christians who will eventually be named as ‘law breakers and traitors of the nation’. The Karnataka BJP government intends to impose “Manuvadism”(Manuism) on the people of Karnataka and is even ready to compromise with the social and secular nature of our constitution”, the memorandum stated.

“The cheaper and protein rich meat source – Beef – has a history of consumption by humans as old as human life on earth itself. All of a sudden the BJP government is forcing the people to give up their traditional food habit. This is nothing but dictatorship of the BJP Government on the people of Karnataka completely ignoring their opinion and sensitivities”, the organization said.

“Since the last 10 years, though the proposed bill is not even passed, Sangh Parivar goons have killed many cattle traders belonging to Hindu and Muslim communities. They have committed atrocities like stripping them in public and manhandling them”, it said.

“We dread to think of what atrocities may befall the common man if this bill is passed. We feel that the life of common man in Karnataka will become more frightful than their worst nightmares of communal riots. Hence, we are all opposing the proposed black bill which is anti constitutional, and anti people. We hereby request your kind self not to pass the above bill for any reason and plead you in the name of the integrity of our nation”, the organization said in the memorandum.

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