Move in Supreme Court mysterious: Popular Front

Govt. Advocate did not press the Stay on AP High Court Order in Minority Sub-Quota
Friday, June 15th, 2012
The Chairman of Popular front of India, Mr. E.M. Abdul Rahiman has expressed displeasure about the stand taken by the Central Government Advocate at the end of the proceedings, while the case was argued in the Supreme Court. This latest episode has once again exposed the foul play of the UPA government in the matter of giving reservation to minorities, Mr. Abdul Rahiman added.

Why the Additional Solicitor-General Mr. Gaurab Banerji put an anti-climax to his fine arguments by not pressing the stay of A. P. High Court order? It only leads to the conclusion that the minorities, especially the Muslim community in the nation is once again cheated in a pre-planned manner, he added.

“As per the inputs we have received from the length and breadth of the country, the Muslim parents and the students have celebrated it as an auspicious occasion, as soon as they got the admit card from IIT on the category of OBC Minority Sub-Quota. They felt it as one step forward in the ladder of the social justice. But the drama of the UPA has deserted the longing of the Muslim Community, to jump into the general pool of 27% OBC quota denying a spate sub-quota for them.

There is no doubt at all that the Additional Solicitor-General argued the case well for 45 minutes. Anyhow, he tried a lot to convince the court. But finally, his conclusion not to press the stay, automatically raises so many questions on the intention of UPA government which he represented in the Supreme court. As per the information, we have received the Hon’ble judges asked the ASG thrice, “Are you sure to not press the stay? Why are you changing your stand suddenly?” But, the ASG answered, “Kindly pass any appropriate order”.

The main reason for the appeal by the Central Government in the vacation bench of the Supreme Court in an expeditious manner against Andhra Pradesh High Court Order is to get a stay order before 15th June, which is the counselling deadline of IIT. And it was intended to protect the 4.5% Sub-Quota for Minorities in the current academic year itself. If the government did not want to press the stay, what was the need and urgency to appeal in the vacation bench? So, it is understood that the UPA government is not sincere in giving any reservation to minorities and it is only a propaganda piece for them for petty political gains.”

Mr. E. M. Abdul Rahiman also stated that Popular Front is discussing the new developments with leading advocates with the intention of joining in the case before the Supreme Court.

Public Relations Officer
Popular Front of India, HQ
New Delhi

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