Popular Front demands Central Government to ensure Minority sub-quota reservation in current admissions

Statement New Delhi / 05-06-2012
Wednesday, June 6th, 2012
In the context of the unfortunate Andhra Pradesh high court judgment that stayed the 4.5% sub-quota for Minorities within the 27% central quota for Other Backward Classes (OBCs), Popular Front demands Central Government to ensure Minority sub-quota reservation in current admissions.

The decision has come just ahead of the admissions to Central Universities and institutions of higher learning like IIT and IIM, thereby placing a question mark on the future of thousands of minority students who had high expectations on the sub-quota to get into higher education this year. In fact, only last week, the Human Resource Development Ministry had issued an Office Memorandum clarifying that the 4.5 per cent quota would come into effect from this academic year.

High level panels like Justice Sachar and Justice Misra have highlighted the socio-economic plight of the Muslim community and also recommended reservation to them on the basis of socio-economic backwardness and not religion. It is shocking that the A. P. High Court still believes that Muslim reservation is on the basis of religion. This is not the first time that the AP High Court has objected to the cause of Muslim reservation. It is learned that AP High Court has given judgments that blocks reservation to Muslims previously on four occasions.

Though the Union Minister for Minority Affairs has assured that all necessary steps will be taken to implement the minority quota during this year, no step has been taken even though a week was passed after the judgment. Unless the reactionary A. P. High Court order is overcome within a week, about 450 seats due to minority students in IIT and IIM admissions will be lost in the current. There are reasons to believe that some sections in the government and bureaucracy themselves are playing dirty games behind the curtain for it.

We also urge all the minority organizations and political leaders and MPs belonging to minority communities to get united on the issue and put pressure on the Central Government for an urgent intervention.


K.M. Shareef
General Secretary
Popular Front of India

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