UPA Government must stop playing gimmicks with minorities: Popular Front

Press Release 11 June 2011
Tuesday, June 12th, 2012
New Delhi: The Chairman of Popular front of India, Mr. E.M. Abdul Rahiman has strongly condemned the irresponsible attitude displayed by UPA Government in the matter of minority quota reservation. This has become evident from the suspicious moves on behalf of the government while the matter came earlier in the A P High Court and now before the Supreme Court.

Expressing serious concerns about the gimmicks played around the issue of reservation for minorities, he said: “The rejection of the UPA government’s plea by Supreme Court against the AP High court decision has exposed the hypocrisy of the UPA Government. The UPA government was never serious in defending the reservation for minorities in the AP High Court and it has repeated this attitude in the Supreme Court as well. The observation of the Supreme Court that the government was not equipped with sufficient documents to defend the minority quota reservation within the OBC quota clearly explains their lack of commitment.”

It must be noted that the UPA government was not at all serious to gather any supporting documents for the past 3 months. This clearly endorses the fact that the UPA had announced minority quota reservation only to gain benefits in the UP elections. Mr. Abdul Rahiman stated: “Firstly, in the name of Misra Commission report the UPA government deceived the Muslims by announcing reservations for only the BCs among Muslims disregarding the socio-economic backwardness of entire Muslim community. On the other hand, it announced only 4.5 % reservation for all minorities, ignoring the Misra Commission’s recommendation of giving 6% reservation exclusively for Muslims within 8.4% for minorities. If the Government order had been exactly as per the Misra Commission report, the Supreme Court’s question of showing a specific study report would not have occurred.”

He stressed the fact that “on one hand the congress led UPA is still targeting Muslims in the name of fighting terror and on the other hand they are trying to appease the Muslims by hollow promises of reservation. The UPA government must now understand that the Muslims are not a passive and insensitive community. The manner in which the Muslims responded in UP election could be an eye opener for the Congress and its allies.”

Mr. Abdul Rahiman warned the UPA government and the Congress party that their reactionary approach in Muslim issues would ultimately compel the Muslims to reject the Congress party and opt for alternatives, which may even benefit the communal fascist parties and throw Congress party from power.

Public Relations Officer
Popular Front of India, HQ
New Delhi.

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