AP Government and police completely fail in providing justice to minorities in Mecca Masjid bomb blast

Friday, May 18th, 2012
Hyderabad: The Police bandobast and government measures on the occasion of 5th anniversary of Mecca Masjid bomb blast is a part of ongoing agenda to harsh and terrorize Muslim community especially in old city. Old-city Muslims have forgotten the day as mere a nightmare, except some political and human right organizations, even though the police department is harassing the Muslim community on the name of security measures.

Yesterday (i.e. 17th May) late night the Muslim peoples who were returning to their homes were terrorised on the name of checking, which shows the mentally of police department that only Muslims will create issues on 18th May. In Major old city areas 40-50 police personals were deported with Rapid Action Force, as if on 18th may morning there is going to be a war between police and Muslims.

This day again had evident how a terror environment is being created in the Muslim community and Muslim localities and fail to prove the secularity of government. Many Muslim youths have avoided jumma prayer in Mecca Masjid due to fear environment created by police department.

On the anniversary, organizations were not permitted to conduct a program in old city in the memories of Mecca Masjid victims, because of which MBT leader Amjadullah Khan conducted a program with secular leaders and victims at Indira Park Dharna Chowk to oppose Hindutva and state terrorism and to bring Muslim community united for legal fight.

Popular Front of India appeals the secular organizations and peoples of Greater Hyderabad to come forward to oppose the government discrimination & Police atrocities towards the minority community and pressurize the government to implement the recommendations of National Minority commission recommendations on Mecca Masjid blast issue.

Public Relation Officer of Popular Front of India, Andhra Pradesh informed.

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