Popular Front denies involvement in rumor spreading

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012
Press MeetIn a press conference convened in the wake of certain media reports that linked Popular Front of India to the recent rumor spreading against Assamese people, chairman of the organisation E. M. Abdul Rahiman has categorically denied any such involvement and termed the reports as yet another round of malicious propaganda by the vested interest groups and communal sections against Popular Front. Popular Front Kerala State President Karamana Ashraf Moulavi also attended in the press conference, held at Ernakulam Press Club, Kochi.
E. M. Abdul Rahiman stated that the organization’s approach to the whole issue has been made clear on many occasions and the latest statement issued yesterday was a testimony to the fact that Popular Front stands for the right of all citizens to study or work anywhere in India. That statement issued by the General Secretary also asked the people of South India to uphold their tradition of protecting the lives and rights of people from far away states.

The news as reported by some online papers and channels in Kerala is that National Cyber Investigation Agency has submitted a preliminary report to Home Department and that Kerala based Popular Front is involved in it along with another Bangladesh based outfit. There is no need of any intelligence work to find that Popular Front is headquartered at New Delhi and there is crooked intelligence at work in mentioning its name along with a Bangladesh based outfit. At least one channel mentioned that there are seventeen other organizations in the list, but due to obvious reasons their names has not been flashed widely.

“We don’t know whether such a report was submitted or not. We are only sure that our organization is unnecessarily and unethically dragged into it. We challenge to produce evidence to prove the allegation. Otherwise the only option before us is to seek legal remedy. It is not first time that Popular Front name is being dragged into mischievous and terror–linked incidents. There were attempts to link Popular Front name to terrorism after Mumbai serial blasts and also attack on Israeli embassy car in Delhi. These stories later proved to be manipulated, but their negative impact is a matter of serious concern. During the past few months we have filed complaints against thirteen newspapers and channels for publishing defamatory news. Some cases are pending in courts also. “– He stated.

It was reported that a few arrests have been made in Karnataka for allegedly sending fake messages and a lot of websites has been blocked by authorities. He demanded to publish the details of all arrested persons and blocked websites. None related to Popular Front are in custody anywhere in this regard. And Popular Front website is live till this hour.

E. M. Abdul Rahiman pointed out that there are reasons to assume that in the current incidents across the country, there may be a hidden agenda of communal outfits to divert attention from the real issue that is the humanitarian crisis in Assam. Now the government responsibility in the safe home return and rehabilitation of about three lakhs victims is sidelined and pulled out of focus. The vested interest groups and communal political leaders are attempting to shift the agenda to the issue of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. He demanded the central and state government of Assam to fulfil the constitutional responsibilities of rehabilitating the victims irrespective of their religion and language. He also demanded the Union Home Ministry to ensure that anybody in the intelligence and security agencies are not involved in spreading defamatory, malicious and communally motivated statements.

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