Popular Front submits complaint to Higher Officials against Communal polarizing of Madurai Cops and Medias

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

The State Conference of BJP was scheduled to be conducted on 28, 29 of last month, April in a private ground located in the ring road of Madurai, where Popular Front of India has conducted its State Conference in 2010. Then it was told by the organisers that due to the intermittent rain fall at Madurai on that days, it was rescheduled to May 10 and 11 and told by the organisers the national leaders viz., Advani, Naraendra Modi and Nitin Gatkari will participate.

Meanwhile, in the early hours of Tuesday (May 1, 2012), a low intensity bomb kept inside the carrier box of an abandoned bicycle exploded near a temple at Anna Nagar in Madurai. No casualties were reported as the locally-assembled explosive went off at around 3.30 am, when most residents were asleep indoors. The bomb was placed inside a carrier box, which was latched to a cycle parked on a pavement adjacent to a Lord Ram temple.

All the news papers, except The Hindu, exaggerated the news and made it serious and tried to narrow the investigation towards Muslims and focused it as a threat to the forth coming BJP State Conference and plan to kill Advani. But, The Hindu wrote it neutrally.

Along with these news, in the next day, The New Indian Express reported a false news as “In 2010, a low-intensity bomb exploded in Nelpettai in Madurai allegedly to mark the death anniversary of Imam Ali”.
Dinakaran (Tamil Daily), Tamil Murasu (Tamil Evening Daily), Malai Murasu (Tamil Evening Daily) also published the same. Actually, in 2010 there was no such blast was occured in Nelpettai. This Nelpettai is the area which is covered by Sungam Pallivasal Street (Pallivasal means Masjid) and Quie-de-millath Nagar, a Muslim densely populated area and 2 masjids are there. Popular Front also have a strong hold there. District Office of the Popular Front office is also situated 50 metres near to Nelpettai.

In this situation, this news was published with malicious intention to target the Muslim community. Because, for the part one week, a temple festival (Kallazhgar Chitthirai Thiruvzha) has been going on. This is the famous festival, which would be attended by more than one lakh people from the neighboring districts. On 6.5.2012, thousands and thousands of devotees would pass through this Nelpettai. While we contacted Indian Express Reporter, why such kind of false news was published with out any evidence, they simply said. Police gave this news. The intention of the media and police is to create communal tension.

So, to manage this situation, on 5.5.2012, Popular Front Advocate A. Syed Abdul Kather and District Secretary Mujibur Rahman submitted a complaint to the city Commissioner of Police to file the case against the four news papers for spreading roamers and false news. Then the exaggeration of news was stopped in many news papers.

Simultaneously, for the past one week, the Special Intelligence Cell cops have been gone to the houses of Muslim youths and mentally harassed them in the name of inquiry. They threatened Thableeqi Jamaath people not to go Jamaaths until BJP conference is over. So, to stop this harassment, yesterday 7.5.12, Popular Front District President M. Syed Ibrahim and SDPI District President Jaffer Sulthan met Mr. Rajesh Doss, the Inspector General of Police (IG), South Zone, and explained all the harassment and submitted a complaint to stop all human rights violations and terrorizing the community.

Then after meeting with IG, we met the Muslim organisations, human rights groups and political parties formed a federation to fight this harassment (Popular Front, Makkal Jananayaga Katchi, SDPI, INL, Campus Front, National League Party, SDTU, NWF, AIIC, NCHRO) and met the District Collector today and submitted a memorandum to initiate action against errant police personnel and medias.
Federation Members – To fight the harassment and communal polarising of Madurai Cops and Media
1.Popular Front of India
2. India Thowheed Jamaath (INTJ)
3. Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI)
4. Indian National League (INL)
5. Campus Front of India
6. Makkal Jananayaga Katchi
7. National Women’s Front
8. National League Party
9. All India Imams Council (AIIC)
10. National Confederation of Human Rights Organisations (NCHRO)
11. Social Democratic Trade Union (SDTU)

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“Stop harassing Muslims in the name of investigations” Staff Reporter
The Popular Front of India has alleged that in the name of search operations held in relation to a bomb blast that took place in Anna Nagar, Muslim families in the city and neighbourhood were being harassed by the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) branch police.

In a statement issued here, the Madurai branch of PFI said that the SIU has narrowed the investigation to victimizing Muslims .

Bomb blasts that had taken place in the recent past like Malegaon, Ajmer, Mecca Masjid, Samjauhta Express and Tenkasi revealed that members of Sangh Parivar were involved, they .

The way the police and SIU has been treating this blast case targeting Muslims, followed by media’s portrayal of the blast has been psychologically affecting the community. So PFI requests the State Government to take steps to prevent the alleged excesses of the SIU and also the irresponsibility on the part of the media.

The statement was submitted as a petition to the Inspector General of Police, South Zone.


(The Hindu Published in State Column)
Tue, May 08, 2012 | Updated 09.41PM IST

Muslims allege harassment in Madurai blast investigation
J Arockiaraj TNN

Madurai: Muslim outfits here are upset with the manner in which the police is conducting the investigation into the cycle bomb blast in the city on May 1.Two groups that represent sections of Muslims have submitted a memorandum to IG (south zone) Rajesh Das alleging that policemen in plain clothes were conducting random searches in Muslim residential areas and visiting mosques at odd hours for inquiries.
We are not against the culprits being brought to book but we only plead with the police to investigate in a secular manner.In many blast incidents across the country,investigations have proved that no Muslim outfit was involved.Despite that police swoop down on Muslim residential areas after every blast, Jaffer Sulthan,district president of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI),told TOI.
It has become the practice of police personnel to land in Muslim areas after every blast and interrogate everyone here, said Syed Ibrahim,district president of the Popular Front of India.
Both of them said police personnel had arrived at mosques in the city outskirts in the early hours of Monday asking about visitors.

Cops deny harassment charges

Police are pressurizing priests not to entertain pilgrimstilltheBJPstate meet gets over, Ibrahim said.
IG Rajesh Das said the police officers were performing their duty in a professional manner anddeniedchargesof them visiting mosques at night.It can be assured that the police personnel are carrying outtheir duty in a professional manner under the supervision of higher officials.All the personnel have been instructed to be polite with the people.If there are any grievances,the concerned people can always approach the higher officials, he said.
Acrudebombhidden on a cycleoutside atemplewentoff after thescheduleddates of the BJP state meet was postponed after rain inundated the venue.Police are yet to crack the case and have not made any arrests.Thecyclebombwasthefifthincident in two yearsin Madurai.
Searches were conducted in Muslimdominated areas andin onecase,three persons were arrested.Police say that the prime-accused in these cases,Police Fakrudeen,a resident of Nelpettai in the city,is on the run.Muslim outfits have also objectedtothe allegedbranding of Nelpettai,whichhouses a memorialfor Imam Ali,an extremist gunned down in a police shootoutin 2002,as a den of extremists.
With the BJP meet slated for May 10 and 11,police are on the toes and have launched a public campaign to report any unusual object or occurrence in the locality.Withsenior party leaderslikeLKAdvani and Nitin Gadkari expected to attend the meeting,police intend to secure the city under a security blanket.

(Times of India covered the news in first page)

Photo: Popular Front SEC Member Nasrudeen addressing the media in Collector Office. Popular Front District President Syed Ibrahim and SDPI District President Jaffer Sulthan along with Nasrudeen

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