Planned Conspiracy Behind North Eastern Citizens Flee

Sunday, August 19th, 2012
There seems to be planned conspiracy behind the unprecedented fleeing on citizens from North Eastern States from Bangalore – the capital city of Karnataka. The Central Government should order for a CBI inquiry to find out the culprits who are spreading such fears among the North East community. The fact must be noted that there has been no incident of attacks on the North East community in Bangalore. The people of the state will not rely on the probe by the Karnataka Government as they have lost trust on state’s BJP Government.

It is also condemnable that the Railways and Government official have permitted to RSS and its parivar to enter inside the Platform and communalizing the issue. In fact, Sangh Parivar is creating anarchy, hatred and sabotages in the country by propagating Hindutva Communalism and adopting aggressive policies against minority communities. It is a tragedy that the government had no prior information about the flee of those north eastern citizens. Instead of giving security to those people the police has given way to sangh parivar which proves the link between state government and them.

Protection of each and every citizen of the country is the responsibility of the government. The government should not be prejudiced and biased towards any community. The Government should take stern action against those people and groups that are spreading heinous rumors and creating an environment of fear. The administration should take appropriate steps build confidence of North Eastern citizens of our country.

Elyas Muhammad Thumbe

State President

Popular Front of India


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