A.P Government failed to establish communal harmony in the state : Says Popular Front

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Press Conference on communal voilence in hyd
press conference regarding communal voilence in hyderabad

Popular Front of India state president Mohammed Arif Ahmed & SDPI state president Mr. Reddy Mushtaq Ahmed today criticized the congress led Andhra Pradesh State Government in a press conference held at NSS Hyderguda Press club that it has completely failed to establish communal harmony in the state.

The press conference was held jointly by Popular Front & SDPI in the purview of the ongoing serial communal riots in the state including that of the Hyderabad violence took place on Sunday, 8th April’ 2012. They said that fascist communal forces are gradually being strengthened in the state. From the serial communal riots of Siddipet (Medak district), Adoni (Kurnool district), Karim Nagar, Sanga Reddy and Hyderabad we have witnessed two common facts; one is that the police act as mere spectators during the violence and the other is that all the riots were pre planned by the communal fascist forces. All these riots took place since Mr. V. Dinesh Reddy became the chief of the State police department. The State government has lost control over the state police department. The press conference expresses its deep concern and anguish at the extensive influence exercised by communal and fascist elements on the police.

Following demands were made in the press conference:

C.M Kiran Kumar Reddy and DGP Dinesh Reddy should take moral responsiblity and resign from their posts
Government must take all the necessary measure to establish communal harmony in the state.
Government should take firm action against the culprits according to the rule of law.
Government must clean the state police department from the influence of fascist communal forces.
Keep a close watch on the activities of RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal and Hindu Vahini to stop further communalization of the society.
Present and pass Communal Targeted Violence Bill, 2011 in the Parliament and implement it immediately.

Syed Nazeer Shaheen,
Popular Front of India, A.P

communal clahes in hyd
communal clahes in hyd

communal clahes

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