Appoint a Chairman for Wakf Board immediately : Popular Front State Executive Council

Saturday, March 24th, 2012
Madurai: State Executive council meet of Popular front of India held on March 21 & 22, 2012 at Madurai. The meet lead by A.S. Ismail , TN State President, other state executive council members including Khalid Mohamed State general secretary, Mohamed Ismail State Vice President, Askar alias KSM Ibrahim Treasurer were participated in the meet and adopted following resolutions unanimously.

Wakf Board Chairman appoitment : Chairman for the Wakf board has not been appointed yet, even after several months had passed since the formation of the New Government. It appears that the government treats muslim affairs with a step motherly attitude and it seems that the government is not interested to take care of Wakf board and its properties.
Popular Front of India State Executive council strongly condemns the illegal encroachment of Wakf properties by the members of ruling party themselves and also condemns the government overlooking the issue and pretending itself as if this illegal act was unknown to them. So It was decided to submit a memorandum to the Home Secretary and the Minister of minority affairs to initiate appropriate legal actions immediately.
Koodangulam issue: The council strongly condemns the government’s approval to commission the nuclear plant without respecting the feelings of the local people protesting against Nuclear reactors and ignoring their legitimate apprehensions.
The Excessive deployment and use of Police forces in Koodangulam area that affects the normal life and they were subjected to continuous harassment and oppression daily is to be condemned.
Government should reconsider their decision in order to respect the people’s determination in democratic way of approach and take necessary action to restore normalcy in that area as quickly as possible.
Planning commisions announcment on BPL issue: It also condemns the planning commission recent announcement on poverty line and urges to rollback such illogical announcement immediately.

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