Popular Front launching campaigns against Israel terrorism and for taking children to school

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012
Press Release

New Delhi / 22 March 2012

Popular Front of India is launching an intensive campaign against Israel terrorism and the growing influence of Zionist state interests in the affairs of our country. This decision was taken in the National leaders Meet of the organization attended by members of National Executive Council and state functionaries. The nationwide awareness campaign through various means also include a Parliament March demanding the Government of India to severe all ties with Israel.

The meet observed that the terror state Israel in collusion with the rogue sate USA is putting pressure on other sovereign countries including India, to act as tools of their aggressive agenda against Palestine and Iran. The recent moves of UPA Government in the areas of ensuring national security and countering internal terrorism by involving Israel agencies amount to mere mockery because Israel itself is the global fountain head of terrorism. And this change of policy acts as a catalyst to the communal and divisive programmes of the Hindutva fascist outfits in the country. Moreover, India will be inviting the wrath of our friendly West Asian countries and many sovereign nations if the Government decides to please Israel at any cost. The hypocrisy of crying with the victimized people of Palestine and embracing the terror state of Israel is against the great traditions of our nation. The National leaders meet urged the Central Government to reject US-Israel pressures and threats for betraying the democratic and humanitarian cause of Palestinians and for withdrawing the trade relations with Iran.

Popular Front units and cadres across the country will be engaged in School Chalo (Go to School) campaign prior to the new academic year during May-June 2012. The National Leaders Meet has decided to distribute School Kits to one lakh (1,00,000) primary school students of North Indian states this year in addition to the routine programmes like household educational surveys, awareness classes for parents, children’s rallies, scholarships as undertaken during previous years.

In another resolution the meet expressed its concerns about opening National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) as yet another step for checking terrorism in the country. Though it is without doubt that terrorism is a threat to the security and integrity of the nation, the present move is against the spirit of federalism as already pointed out by many state Governments and political parties. It is not lack of enough laws or enough number of investigation agencies, but it is the inefficiency, political submission and communal bias of the police, security and investigation agencies that pose the real challenge. Hence Popular Front demands the Central Government to withdraw the proposal of NCTC.

The National Leaders Meet demanded to provide facilities in Indian Embassies for Non-resident Indians in all countries to cast their votes in election to Lok Sabha and State Legislative Assemblies. The Meet also demanded to make needed changes in Direct Tax Code to retain the exemption of low income NRIs from paying income tax.

The meeting was presided over by Chairman E. M. Abdul Rahiman. General Secretary K. M. Shareef presented reports and moved resolutions. Vice President Muhammad Ali Jinnah, NEC members Moulana Usman Baig, Prof. P. Koya, Ya Moideen, Adv. K. P. Muhammed Shareef, Hamid Muhammad, O M A Salam, Muhammed Roshan and various states’ Presidents and State General Secretaries participated in the discussion.

Public Relations Officer

Popular Front of India Headquarters

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