Karnataka: Popular Front asks centre to prevent saffronisation of text books

Thursday, March 15th, 2012
Bangalore: The State Executive Committee Meeting of Popular Front of India, Karnataka was conducted on 10 & 11 of March 2012 at Bangalore. State President Elyas Muhammad Thumbe has presided over the meeting. The following resolutions have passed after the discussions.

1. Saffronisation of Text Books: The Karnataka State Government which intends to implement the text books of ‘Social Studies” in 5th & 8th standards are saffronised and will excite communal feelings in the minds of children. Those text books have been containing the twisted sides of historical facts and prepared in biased interest which will ruin the secular minds of school children. The State Executive Committee of Popular Front of India, Karnataka , warns the state government against such effort of communalising the educational system and ask the government to drop those biased/communal text books. The meeting also urges the Central Government to interfere in this matter and take suitable action.

2. ‘School Chalo’ Campaign: Every year, Popular Front of India is conducting ‘School Chalo” campaign throughout the nation. The aim of this campaign is to support the poor students to continue their education, rejoining the drop out students, felicitating meritorious students, adopting poor – brilliant students, creating awareness about the importance of education, conducting career guidance workshops, etc. Popular Front of India, Karnataka state will conduct this ‘School Chalo’ campaign in the month of April & May. Surveys & awareness will be conducted in the month of April and distributing of scholarships, books, aids, etc will be in the month of May.

3. Cattle Slaughter Act: The state government of Karnataka’s intention of banning cattle slaughter in the state is condemnable. The ‘Act’ is anti people, anti farmers. Beef is consumed by Daliths, Christians, Muslims and other backward communities also. Ban of cattle slaughter will affect the right of food of the people and will also affect the economy of farmers and meet traders. Also, the ban will give opportunities to some vested interests to attack on the minority communities and farmers. Popular Front of India, Karnataka state urges the Honourable President of India to not to pass ‘Cattle Slaughter Ban Act of Karnataka State”.

4. Attacks on Masjids & Muslims: Recently, the masjids in Gangolly and Kodavur in Udupi district have been attacked by the goondas of Sangh Parivar. There are several incidents in coastal Karnataka where the minority communities are the victims of attacks by Sangh Parivar in the name moral policing. Popular Front of India, Karnataka strongly condemns such communal acts of Sangh Parivar and urges the Police Authorities to take stringent actions against the miscreants and communal fascist outfits.

5. Biased Media: A section of media is making false propaganda against Popular Front of India by publishing false news. We condemn the biased and malicious attitude of such sections of media which trying to mislead the common people. Popular Front of India is a neo social movement, working hard to empower the Muslim community by organising, creating awareness and implementing various development programs.

6. Need of an Alternative Political Front in Karnataka: Popular Front of India, Karnataka finds that there is a need of an ‘Alternative Political Front’ in Karnataka. The main political parties in Karnataka like BJP, Congress, Janatha Dal have miserably failed to give good rule in Karnataka. These political parties have never bothered about the welfare of the people of our state and instead they were indulged in scams, corruptions, misuse of power, nepotism etc. The people of Karnataka looking for an ‘Alternative Political Front’ for the cause of total development of Karnataka and for strengthening of secular and democratic values in the state.

Riyas Pasha (General Secretary), Nasir Pasha (Secretary), Shameer Puttur , Sharief Kodaje, Abdul Razak Kemmara, Ashraf Agnady, Abubakkar Mulky, Muhammad Riyaz, Abdul Khadar, Mansoor Ahmad, Farukur Rahman were present in the meeting.

Riyaz Pasha,

General Secretary,

Popular Front of India,


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