Popular Front of India congratulates Samajwadi Party

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012
New Delhi: Popular front of India congratulates the Samajwadi Party for winning a landslide victory in the UP election. It was indeed a very good show by SP to come into power after losing it in 2007. The people of UP have elected SP ignoring the caste factor which proves that the Mayawati led BSP government had failed to grip the confidence of the voters.

Another important factor for Samajwadi party’s victory which cannot be denied is the Muslim votes. Even the BSP has stated that it was the Muslim votes for SP that played the crucial role in its victory. The swing of Muslims towards SP is a very significant trend which signifies that Muslims community has become very conscious about its voting power. Congress’ promises of reservation were rejected by the Muslim. Muslim voters have indeed displayed a matured show by prioritizing the issue empowerment while voting. It can be concluded that the Muslim community is fed up of the gimmicks of promises during election and is very serious about its demands.

The Samajwadi Party should realize this truth and now prove its commitment towards the cause of Muslim development. The first test for the SP would be the cabinet formation and the share of Muslims ministers in the cabinet. Secondly, the SP election manifesto had mention crucial issues like implementation of Sachar Commission recommendation, socio-economic uplift of Muslims and special developmental schemes. The Muslim voters have chosen development over other factors and now they deserve to be rewarded. Another important factor that would be seriously watched by UP Muslims will be Samajwadi party’s commitment to provide justice to the innocent Muslim falsely implicated in blast cases. Finally, Samajwadi Party’s role in compelling the central government for the implementation of Ranganath Mishra commission recommendation of reservation for Muslims will be the ultimate litmus test.

Popular Front congratulates the leaders and workers of Samajwadi party and hopes that it will bring a positive difference.
K.M. Shareef
General Secretary,
Popular Front of India.

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