Arrest of Mr. Kazmi is a sign of US-Israel influence on India’s Internal affairs: Popular Front

Monday, March 12th, 2012
New Delhi: Popular Front of India strongly condemns the arrest of senior journalist Mr. Syed Mohammed Kazmi. There is strong suspicion that the arrest was made under pressure from Israel and the United States to name and implicate Iran in the case. It is more unfortunate that the Mr. Kazmi was arrested on the basis of the intelligence provided by Israeli agencies .All the more shocking is the media reports that agencies like Mossad will be allowed to interrogate Mr. Kazmi. Indian agencies which had previously denied any involvement of Iran in the Israeli Embassy car blast case has now changed its stand; this is a proof of growing influence of Israel on India’s internal affairs.

It is to be believed that, Mr. Kazmi working as a freelancer for Iranian news agency IRNA, was targeted only on the basis of the views he has expressed through his writings. It is a sign that Israel is closely monitoring all anti-Zionist voices and through this arrest she seems to be sending a warning signal to other journalists who write against the genocidal policies of the Zionist state.

It may also be noted that some newspapers have recently alleged that Popular Front of India might be behind the blasts since it had passed an anti-Israel resolution. We believe that the growing Israeli interference in the internal affairs and foreign policies of our country is detrimental to nation’s security and sovereignty.

The arrest of Mr Kazmi is also an attack on the press freedom of the country.

Popular Front demands that the agencies that arrested Mr. Kazmi should explain the grounds on which he was arrested. We also demand that the Central Government should not allow any foreign agencies to conduct any interrogation on Indian soil.

We congratulate the journalists, human rights activists who have boldly come forward in defence of the arrested journalist.

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