Probe all violence in Nadapuram area, Popular Front demands

Friday, March 9th, 2012
Kozhikode (Kerala): Popular Front of India demanded the state government to conduct thorough and impartial enquiry into all kinds of violence occurred in Nadapuram area in Kozhikode district. The area will become peaceful only when the political parties control their own workers from violent activities, opined Popular Front state general secretary P Abdul Hameed. He was responding to the demands of all party delegation from Nadapuram area to the Chief Minister that blamed Popular Front and SDPI for the untoward incidents in the area.
It is crystal clear that CPM and Muslim League were behind all kinds of atrocities in the area right from 1989. What the Muslim League had been doing here is to facilitate violence by provoking CPM activists who are waiting for some excuses to resort to attacks against Muslim community. And both the parties were hell bent to give communal color for political violence here, he added.
It is a common thing here for the workers of both the parties to sustain injuries during bomb making to be used for mutual attacks. It should be noted here that it was five activists of Muslims League who were killed during bomb making at Narikkattery here last year. But after all such incidents these parties used to escape from the responsibility some invincible ‘extremists’ and organizations.
Abdul Hameed also said that if the parties and political leadership were not ready to face the problem and stop running away from the ground realities, Nadapuram area would continue to become hotbed of political violence and killings.
He also said that it was nothing but shameful act from the parts of four local MLAs belonging to the different parties to meet CM and give memorandum blaming others for the violence in the area.

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