Popular Front sends rejoinder to The New Indian Express

Sunday, March 4th, 2012
The Editor in Chief,The New Indian Express,

Ref: The New Sunday Express dated 4.3.2012

Sub: Defamatory news against Popular Front of India.

Dear Sir,

This letter is in response to the article “Fundamental Fright” published in The New Sunday Express Magazine on page 1 and 2 on 4th March 2012. The allegations made against Popular Front in this article are completely false and baseless. We strongly condemn publication of such heinous lies against us. It is very strange that a newspaper of great repute and history has shown the gumption to publish sensational pack pf lies with out getting the reaction from the Popular front leaders.

Popular Front of India is a neo-social movement and we have always opposed all type of anti-national activities. The article mentions that Popular Front is under NIA and IB radar for involvement in the attack on Israeli diplomat. It should be noted that the government investigation agencies who are investigating the case have till date never linked Popular Front to Israeli diplomat car blast case. We would also like to make it clear that till date none of Popular Front leaders or even members have not been even informally questioned by any investigation agency even though there have been one or two similar reports by newspapers including NIE. All such reports try to argue that we would be behind the blasts for the simple reason that we had passed a strong anti-Israel resolution in our General Assembly held in Kerala recently. Even Israelis would laugh at the silliness of such reports. It’s not just Popular Front, but many other organizations, political parties and human rights activists opposed the increasing Indo-Israel ties. The article also tried to link Popular Front with the Love Jihad. To buttress his slander your feature writer has conveniently ignored the recent police report that Love Jihad was nothing but the creation of some hindutwa organisations as part of communal propaganda targeting the Muslim youths.

Other allegations do not even need a clarification from us for them being an exercise in suppressio veri suggestio falsi.

It is really regrettable that a newspaper like yours publishes a story bursting with raising serious allegations like terrorist links and calling names with out verifying facts. Such allegations at the end of the day imperil lives of thousands of people who are not involved in any criminal or illegal activities. It behoves on you not to be judgemental or prejudiced when writing about organisation with which you have disagreement.

We hope to receive a very positive response from you and put the record straight.

Thanking you,


K.M. Shareef

General Secretary

Popular Front of India

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