Popular Front’s State General Assembly demanded the State Government to remove Mr. V. Dinesh Reddy from the post of DGP

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012
SGA leaders in Stage
SGA leaders stage

Popular Front of India, Andhra Pradesh State General Assembly (SGA) held in Kurnool on 26 & 27th Feb’ 2012.The program was attended by the State Executive Council members and organizational district & division leaders. Popular Front of India National Executive member Mr. Anees Ahmed attended the program as the chief guest. This annual State General Assembly meeting was started with the introductory remarks by the State President Mr. Mohammed Arif Ahmed. The report of the organizational development & the campaigns held in the state was presented by the State General Secretary Mr. D.S Habibullah and general discussion was made upon the report. In the SGA, election was conducted and Mr. Abdul Vahid elected as the new S.E.C member. Classes were conducted on Social Net working & Social Activism by Mohammed Arif Ahmed & Anees Ahmed subsequently. On the second day along with a cultural program, open discussion was made upon almost all the current issues of the state and passed the following resolutions:

Delegates in SGA
Delegates SGA

1. Implement 10% quota in reservation to the Muslims as per the recommendations of Justice Ranganath Mishra Commission: The State General Assembly (SGA) observed that the reservation quota being given to Muslims in the Employment & Educational Institutions is only 4%, which is not sufficient to the population of Muslims in Andhra Pradesh. The S.G.A demanded the state government to implement the recommendations of Justice Sri. Ranganath Mishra Commission and give 10% quota in reservation to the Muslim minorities in this state.
2. Increase the quota of budget for Muslim welfare: The State General Assembly express its dissatisfaction over the welfare works being done by the Congress led State Government and observed that it is confined only to some scholarship schemes. It is observed that the State Government has shown its double standards towards the welfare & prosperity of Muslims and allotted only 0.34% quota in the State budget. The S.G.A demanded the Andhra Pradesh State Government to increase to quota of Muslim welfare & empowerment in the budget.

NEC members Anees Ahmed at SGA
Anees Ahmed Delivering speech

3. With draw all the cases of Muslim youth falsely implicated in the Makkah Masjid Blast: State General Assembly condemns the inadequate compensation given by the State Government in the name of ‘Confidence building measures’ to the Muslim youth, who were falsely implicated in the Makkah Masjid blast cases, illegally detained, brutally tortured and arrested. SGA demanded the State Government to give the adequate compensation & also with draw all the cases upon them. The SGA also demanded to implement all the recommendations made by the ‘National Commission for Minorities’ in this case.

4. Remove V. Dinesh Reddy from the top post of the State police department: The State General Assembly expresses its deep concern and anguish at the extensive influence exercised by communal and fascist elements on the police since Mr.V.Dinesh Reddy became the top man in the department. RSS and its allies have gone to the extent of denying the fundamental rights of minorities, attacking Muslim youths and creating communal tension, recently they have desecrated the holy Quran. The DGP met with an Israeli delegation led by Ambassador Alon Ushpiz and discussed state issues which is directly against the sovereignty of India. He is also believed to have involved in illegal land deals. That State General Assembly demands that the State Government must remove Mr.V. Dinesh Reddy from the post of State Director General of Police with immediate effect as he is found to totally unfit to serve the people.

The General Assembly ends with the concluding remarks of the State Vice President Mr. Abdul Waris.

D.S. Habibullah,
General Secretary,
Popular Front of India, A.P

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