Popular Front of India sends rejoinder to The New Sunday Express.

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Press Release
New Delhi / 26- 02 – 2012
Popular Front of India has strongly condemned and a remark to the baseless story aired by The New Sunday Express daily with Delhi dateline on 26th February 2012. General Secretary K M Shareef, in a statement said that “It is quite regrettable that the daily of great repute like Indian Express continues to publish highly tendentious and misleading reports about Popular Front of India”.

He also said “The referred report made in a highly imaginative and fabricated. It says that the police are after Popular Front of India because it passed a resolution against India’s close ties with Israel. “Such resolutions are nothing new. “Many organizations, both secular and Muslim, have expressed reservations about India’s relationship with Israel mainly because the Zionist entity is known to involve in subversive and terrorists activities around the world”. K M Shareef continued.

Public Relations Officer
Popular Front of India

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