Love Jihad: Popular Front demands action against false propagandists

Sunday, February 12th, 2012
Kozhikode: Popular Front of India Kerala state general secretary P Abdul Hameed demanded the government to take action against those who spread false propaganda in the name of Love Jihad. Case should be charged under section 153 A for trying to create communal tensions in the society against those propagated false information and created misunderstandings among the people.
Media, police, political leaders and communal parties were parties involved in the smear campaign against Muslims in the name of Love Jihad allegations.
Media were committing great crime and dividing the Kerala society in communal lines by taking up the false allegations raked up by Sanghparivar forces. They forgot their social responsibility by doing so. Despite the High Court judgment that there was nothing like Love Jihad here and police version that Hindutwa websites were behind thsese rumours, media people didn’t show courtesy to apologise and correct their mistakes.
It should be doubted that media people did so without any basic verification on the veracity of Love Jihad allegations due to their pre-conceived notions about Muslim community and their anti Muslim mindset, opined Abdul Hameed. The vilification campaign by the media resulted in creating negative image about the community. They became doubted and scared of. And it should be noted that the statement made by then Chief Minister V S Achuthananthan about the Muslim terrorist trying to transform Kerala into a Islamic state within 20 years through Love Jihad didn’t draw any protest from the civil society. And the same anti Muslim attitude of media and civil society was evident in their biased attitude on the issue of e mail hacking episode.
Abdul Hameed also pointed out that the same racial mindset had worked behind the police action against those people who waved black flag against Chief Minister Oommen Chandy protesting the email hacking incident. The police had slapped sedition charged against them.
It should be doubted that it was the communal elements in the state police who played vital roles in the issues like Bimappalli firing, Kasarkode firing, e mail hacking, ban on Freedom Parade, Love Jihad allegations etc. They have got political backings in their anti Muslim activities.
Abdul Hameed also said that police and administration were trying to demonise Muslims through its decision to spy over their Friday sermons.

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