Healthy People Healthy Nation campaign launched in Bangalore

Saturday, February 11th, 2012
Bangalore: Popular Front of India launched a State wide “Healthy People Healthy Nation” campaign on 10th February 2012 to aware the people about their health and to cultivate the habit of regular exercise among them to maintain good health.

Mr. Ilyas Ahmed, Bangalore District President of Popular Front of India spoke to the members of the organization educating them of the life style diseases like obesity, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, which are the major challenge for the entire Indian population.

He mentioned that India is predicted to be soon the Diabetic capital of World & is also heading to be the Hypertensive capital of the world. He encouraged all the citizens of India on the need to do Yoga & breathing exercises like pranayama to improve & maintain good health. Maintaining good health is definitely positively contributing to the growth of India.

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