Karnataka: SGA urges state government to respect constitution

Monday, January 30th, 2012
Mangalore: State General Assembly of Popular Front of India, Karnataka held at Freedom Community Hall, Mittur in Dakshin Kannada on 28&29 January 2012. The assembly began with the speech of state president Elyas Muhammad Thumbe.

The assembly took following resolutions in the assembly:

1. Opening Israel Consulate in Bangalore will be a dangerous for the security of the country:

The decision of central government to open Israel consulate in Bangalore is a evidence for the growing impact of the Zionist country in policy making of India. Growing relationship between India and Israel is an alarming for the country. It is unfortunate that UPA government is seeking the help of Israel on the pretext of “War on Terror”. The zionist nation is a number one terrorist country and killing innocent people in paelestine.

The assembly demands that the country should cut all Internal and International relationship with Israel.

2. Flag issue in Sindhagi – a revelation of real traitors:

Assembly demands the ban on the organizations that hoisted Pak flag in Sindhagi and to punish the culprits behind this act.

Popular Front of India was opposing such organizations with fascist agenda and now the heinous act of this fascist elements have been revealed.

3. Appoint Lokayuktha to prevent corruption:

Former chief minister of Karnataka Yaddyurappa and many his cabinet ministers are behind the bar in several corruption cases and land scams.

It is condemnable that BJP government is following delay tactics to appoint lokayuktha in order to secure all such culprits. The assembly urges that the government should speed up the enquiry process by appointing lokayuktha.

4. Decision of closing government schools is unconstitutional:

The assembly condemns the Karnataka BJP government decision to close government schools in the pretext of scarcity of students. The assembly urges that government should make the policy facilitating every children to get primary education.

5. Samajothsav spreads Communal intolerance:

Sangh Parivar, in the past also, caused communal unrest in the state by conducting Samajothsavs. Now again the sanghparivar is trying to create communal hatred by delivering provocative speeches in Samjothsav. Assembly urges that Police Department should take stringent action against such anti social elements.

General Secretary Riyaz Pasha presented annual report. The second day of the SGA discussed on contemporary state politics.

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