Stop cyber surveillance on Muslims: Popular Front demands Kerala government

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012
Kozhikode: Popular Front of India has demanded the Kerala Government to stop the e-mail surveillance of Muslims including journalists by the State police. State General Secretary P Abdul Hameed has asked the State Chief Minister to make his stand clear on the issue.
He added that the e-mail surveillance of Muslims, including that of the Muslim League leaders has taken place with the knowledge and permission of the Chief Minister. He also asked the League leaders to explain the inclusion of their names in the black list by the State police.
Popular Front had earlier expressed doubt over the intentions of some anti – Muslim officials in the State police and this email surveillance incident has proved us right in this regard. Abdul Hameed also said that it was these vicious circles in the police who ignited the ‘love jihad’ scandal in the state. He also demanded the Chief Minister to make it clear that if this surveillance is for security reasons, then why it is done on Muslims alone.
The email surveillance row came to the light following a report by a Malayalam weekly, Madhyamam. Chief Minister Oommen Chandy had ordered probe on the incident following strong protests from various groups including Muslimorganizations in the state. The weekly reported that the emails of several Muslims leaders and journalists were monitored by the State police after securing their email ids and pass words from service providers including Google, Yahoo, hotmail and others.

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