Don’t act as a tool of rogue state Israel: Popular Front of India

Press Release 13 January 2011
Saturday, January 14th, 2012
Popular Front of India condemns UPA Government for signing a pact with Israel to forge anti-terror activity. It amounts to mere mockery because Israel is by itself a fountain head of terrorism globally. Unfortunately, our government is acting as a tool to implement the aggressive policies of USA and its close ally Israel. Also Popular Front views the India-Israel joint decision to open Israel’s consulate in Bangalore, as a threat to our national interests. It will be a catalyst to the communal and terrorist agenda of the Hindutva fascist outfits, particularly in Karnataka state which is already in their grip.

Israel, a Zionist theocratic state is the real harbinger of the modern terrorism. It is a fact known to the whole civilized world, specially the people of Palestine, who have been at the receiving end of the Zionist terror-network for more than 6 decades.

Israel opened its Embassy in Delhi and India opened its Embassy in Tel Aviv in the year 1992. It is worth to note that all major terror activities including serial bomb blasts happened in our country only after 1992.

For years, India has been following a pro-Palestinian orientation. Since India began its term at the UN Security Council, it has joined in resolutions denouncing Israeli activities in the occupied territories of Palestine. Also UPA has on many occasions re-iterated India’s traditional position based on what Mahatma Gandhi had said – that Palestine was for Palestinians as England was for English. India was opposed to partition of Palestine and had proposed a one-state solution anchored in democracy with equal political rights for Jews and other Palestinians. This was our policy from Nehru right up to the Rajiv Gandhi.

Popular Front of India urges UPA Government to end the hypocrisy of crying with the victimized people of Palestine and embracing the rogue state of Israel.

E. M. Abdul Rahiman


Popular Front of India

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