Tamil Nadu State Executive Council Resolutions

Monday, January 9th, 2012

The State Executive Council (SEC) of Popular Front of India, Tamil Nadu was held at Theni on January 6 and 7,2012. The program was presided by the State President A.S.Ismail. The following resolutions were adopted unanimously

1) The Central Government had decided to offer 4.5% sub-quota for minority community within the existing 27% of OBC reservation. While welcoming the Central Government’s intention and decision to offer reservation for minority community, SEC point outs that, sub-quota offer for minority community will not benefit Muslim community and will not be helpful for their development and growth. Instead, it would curb some of their existing meager benefits.

SEC urges the Center to offer 10% of reservation in education and employment in Government institutions and services as prescribed in Justice Ranganath Misra recommendations. Since Justice Misra recommendations are pragmatic and will be helpful for the development of Muslim community, SEC urges to implement the same without any delay.

2) In continuance of its struggle for the reservation, Popular Front of India has arranged grand rallies and protest demonstrations in Tamilnadu on April 22, 2012. SEC decided to increase the number of protest venues to five from three as planned earlier. The protests will be held at Chennai, Coimbatore, Tanjore, Madurai and Nellai. “Separate quota for Muslims at the Center and adequate reservation at the State” will be our demand as well as the theme of the proposed protest demonstration. SEC requests the community to participate in the protests.

3) SEC had also decided to conduct a symposium on reservation at Chennai to bring a general consensus among community leaders and think tanks on the subject.

4) SEC requests Tamilnadu Government to take immediate measures to offer compensation and rehabilitate the victims affected by Thane Cyclone in Tamilnadu at war footing basis.

5) “Healthy People Healthy Nation” campaign will be conducted by Popular Front of India at National level between February 10 and February 20, 2012. Inauguration function of this campaign in Tamilnadu will be held at Coimbatore on February 10,2012. It will be followed by several health awareness programs like Yoga demonstration classes, physical exercise classes all over Tamil Nadu. February 19 will be observed as “Health and Hygiene Day”.SEC had decided to conduct cleaning operation on public places including Hospitals and Bus Stands on that particular day.

6) Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi was assasinated by Nathuram Vinayak Godse of Sangh Pariwar on January 30,1948. Popular Front of India has decided to conduct ‘Gandhi Memorial Day poster campaign’ to expose the true dangerous face of the Sangh Pariwar. The campaign will also highlight the plot hatched by the Sangh Pariwar to disturb the Hindu – Muslim harmony.

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