Karnataka: Popular Front demands stringent action against communal organizations for hoisting Pak flag

Friday, January 6th, 2012
Bangalore: Popular Front of India, Karnataka State President Elyas Muhammad Thube has demanded stringent action against the culprits and the organization for the hoisting of Pakistan flag at the office of Tahshildar in Sindagi, Bijapur District.

He said, “We applaud the police action for arresting the six culprits of Sangh Parivar who hoisted the Pakistan flag at the office of Tahshildar at Sindagi, Bijapur District of Karnataka state. Popular Front of India also urges the police and the Government to investigate the conspiracies and the forces behind the incident which is destroying the integrity and social health of our nation”.

“A similar effort was made in Sindagi almost two years ago but inaction by the administration at that time has only boosted the morale of such deceitful forces. Now, the culprits of sangh parivar have hoisted the Pakistan flag, accused the Muslim community and staged many protests on this pretext. They insulted and demanded the suspension of the Thahshildar and police officers of Sindagi. Further they even desecrated the walls of a Masjid in Sindagi to instigate communal violence. They have forcefully shut down normal life in the town of Sindagi to give credence to their effort. All these appears to be the part of creating a big communal violence in Bijapur District”, he said.

He added, “Following these arrests many political leaders are issuing statements that these are not mere Ramsena activists but RSS and BJP culprits. Some publications even claimed that there was immense political pressure to safeguard these culprits. Also, the hand of the local MLA is claimed to be behind the incident. Hence, such enemies of Indian civil society should be apprehended, tried and put behind bars on fast track mode”.

He urged the Honorable Home Minister of India to appoint special team of Police officers or NIA to investigate such anti national incidents and take stringent actions against the culprits. He also demanded a ban on the organizations of Sangh Parivar which are frequently disturbing the peace and integrity of the nation.

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