Love Jihad: Popular Front demands apology from former Kerala CM

Friday, January 6th, 2012
Kozhikode: Popular Front of India demanded unconditional apology from former Kerala chief minister and CPM leader V S Achuthananthan for his earlier remarks regarding Love Jihad issue. V S had tried to hold Muslim society and its organizations responsible for Love Jihad which is proved a myth following police enquiry report regarding the issue, Popular Front state general secretary P Abdul Hameed said.
In a press conference called at national capital last year, then chief minister had stated that Muslim youths were converting non Muslim girls to their religion pretending love and using money, and they are doing so with the objective of converting Malappuram district to an Islamic state within next 20 years.
Abdul Hameed also said that the very Malayalam newspaper that given wide publicity for Hindutwa agenda of vitiating social and religious atmosphere in the state through the propaganda on Love Jihad has come out with the report that it was just a false story and it was based upon some reports published on pro Hindutwa websites like that of Sanathan Sanstha. Through his comments as a chief minister of kerala, VS was mocking at the common sense of the people in the state and was instrumental in creating communal divide among them. In the present scenario it is the responsibility of VS Achuthananthan, the now opposition leader in the state assembly to tender unconditional apology for his unbecoming comments on Muslim community in the state, he added. The police and mainstream media were giving undue publicity for the Love Jihad allegations citing rare incidents of love marriages. Even the Kerala High Court at one instance endorsed these allegations. Even after the Court had dismissed the allegation later, some media and organizations were harping upon same propaganda.
Abdul Hameed also said that it was the partial victory for Popular Front’s legal fight when the police filed case against the website of Sanathan Sanstha for its baseless allegations against the organization.

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