Stop Human Rights abuse: Popular Front demands Central & State Governments

Saturday, December 10th, 2011
On 10th December, the day of International Human Rights Popular Front of India, Andhra Pradesh State President Mr. Mohammed Arif Ahmed demanded the Central & State Governments to stop the Human Rights abuse in the country and in the our state. Human Rights Day is an important event observed every year on the specified date of December 10 to mark the anniversary of declaration of Human Rights by Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) established in 1948. The prestigious United Nations General Assembly recognized the first Human Rights Day in 1948 to create equal opportunities for people, tackle human right issues and bring an end to discrimination which eventually let the inception of UDHR.
But in our country we are continuously observing the violation and abuse of human rights. The draconian laws such as Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA), Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), Public Security Act, Disturbed Areas Act etc., are prevailing in this democratic country, which are being misused by the administration and the Armed forces in the Border States and in various other parts of the country. The violations of human rights of minorities in the county have increased. Muslims are still targeting in the name of terrorism even after the face of Hindutva fascist terrorism has unveiled in connection with serial bomb blasts happened in this country. The rights of the Tribals are being continuously violated in the name of “Operation Green Hunt”. Dignity of life is not yet promised to the dalits even after passing of six decades of Indian Independence.

In our state, Andhra Pradesh,targeting the Muslim youth is still continuing in the state, which we have observed after the communal violence planned & done by the fascist communal forces in Adoni of Kurnool district & in Siddipet of Medak districts. Tribal peoples were shot to death by the police in the Srikakulam district when the tried to agitate against the establishment of the thermal power project. The government and the administration are not taking strict measures to stop the atrocities against the women. Rape & murder of Aisha Meera, Asia Begum in Kottam college of Mahaboob Nagar dist., rape & murder of college student in Narayanguda in Hyderabad on 17th Apr’2011 & in Shad Nagar on 22nd Nov’2011, rape & murder of innocent minor girl Heena in Kurnool etc., are the clear examples for this. Even it has been reported that Andhra Pradesh has rated first in the entire country in the atrocities against women. Popular Front strongly demands the state government of Andhra Pradesh and the UPA led central government to stop the atrocities and violence against the weaker sections of the country, the minorities, dalits, tribals and women.


General Secretary,
Popular Front of India, A.P

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