Silence towards black laws dangerous: Popular Front

Monday, December 12th, 2011
afspa semionar
Adv. Muhammed Shareef inaugurating the seminar against AFSPA and UAPA

Kochi: Popular Front of India’s seminar against AFSPA and UAPA opined that silence from the part of civil society towards black laws is dangerous. The public should come forward and show courage to fight these undemocratic laws in a democratic manner, said Adv. K P Muhammed Shareef, General Secretary, NCHRO. He was inaugurating the seminar held to mark the International Human Rights Day here.
It has become common for the people and political parties to keep mum when the authorities enact draconian laws and later to shed tears in the name of human rights violations.
What the political parties do now regarding the case of Abdul Nasir Mahdani is just an eye wash. Though black laws like TADA and POTA were repealed, thousands of innocent people are still suffering in their name. Black laws are used by those in power to put any citizen behind bars at their will. Most often those people who are fighting against the wrong doings of the Governments are made victims of these laws. The case against Mahdani and the police raj against those who are implicated in the case of attack against a professor who had insulted Prophet Muhammed are ample evidences for the state terrorism using black laws, he added.
Ruling class resorts to black laws to suppress agitations against the human rights violations done by the state said Adv. Madhusudanan, Director of Law Centre. Even the resistance to secure one’s existence is being treated as terrorist act and dealt accordingly, he added.
Popular Front State General Secretary P Abdul Hameed, Adv. Rafeeq Kuttikattur, Popular Front District Secretary T M Moosa also spoke at the seminar.

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