Death sentence for Afzal Guru is a judicial terrorism: Advocate S.Balan

Friday, November 11th, 2011
Mangalore: “Death sentence for Afzal Guru, who is accused in Parliament attack, is a Judicial Murder. It is a judicial terrorism” said S.Balan, an advocate in Karnataka High court, who was speaking at a seminar program on the theme of Black Laws held by Popular Front of India at St.Aloysius College Auditorium, Mangalore.

Advocate S.Balan
No record suggests that Afsal Guru involving in any anti social activities or giving anti national statements. Police arrested him under TADA act and he was sentenced for the death on the basis of statement that he gave to police. He was not allowed to appoint his own advocate. Government lawyer who argued on behalf of Afzal Guru did not put cross questions against his rival lawyer. But he was sentenced to death, because TADA act allows it. It proves that TADA is a draconian law and many such laws still exist in our country although it was used by British to curb Indian freedom fighters who opposed plundering of our resources by British.

Advocate Balan

Speaking on the theme of Social Justice V.T.Rajashekhar said that all resources of our country and power are controlled by 15% of upper caste people. So they do not allow us to speak about social justice. Only a person who spoke about Social Justice firmly was Dr.B.R.Ambedkar.

Athradi Amrutha Rao

Popular Front state president Elyas Muhammad Thumbe presided over the program. Advocate Muhammad Hanif was a chief guest.


Central committee member of Bahrathiya Sevadala Alfons Franko, thinker Athradi Amrutha Rao and others were present at the program.

Elyas Bhai

Hanif T.S., general secretary of Popular Front, D.K-Udupi district welcomed while Muhammad Sharif delivered vote of thanks and Asraf A.K coordinated the program.

Elyas Bhai

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