Investigate terror cases without any bias, in right direction : Popular Front

Thursday, November 10th, 2011
Tirunelveli: On October 28, 2011, Some miscreants planted Bombs in Advani’s Ratha Yathra route. According to the media report, initially Police had arrested a person by name Nehru in connection with this bomb plot conspiracy. But later the police investigation switched over suddenly in such a way to entrap Muslims. Police department’s attitude and their minds were made up in order to believe that these disruptive activities should only be done by none other than Muslims.
In the name of Investigation Last Friday on 28.10.11 police had picked up Shajahan, a member of Popular Front of India, who came to have a cup of tea. He was detained till that evening and was not allowed to perform his religious duty to pray the compulsory congregational Friday prayer.

In another incident two cadres,one Mr. Nawas and another one District secretary of Popular Front, Mr.Sardar was asked to come for an inquiry during the wee hours around 2:00 am of November 1, 2011, but without disclosing his location of inquiry to their family throughout the whole night. This act of police is strongly condemnable.

Similarly some schools boys found an explosive material in Panpoli, a village near Tenkasi and it exploded while they were playing, one boy was severely injured. Strong suspicion arises among the public that how could this explosive material came into this remote village.

While, Advani’s yathra route was unknown to the public and even police department unawares it before October 26, then how this explosive material was planted two days before in the Yathra route and how this explosive material peeped into this village still remains a mystery.

(Meanwhile a person by name Rajendran was also arrested at the same Pampoli village, where explosives found and a haul of explosive devices like detonators and other explosives were recovered. But there is no lead at all. The case was seen as just an isolated incident is alarming. in another incident a person by name Abdullah had claimed that “Police Bakrudeen”, an alleged mastermind of bomb plot, was already in police custody and fearing that he may be killed in a fake encounter, had filed the Habeas Corpus plea for a direction to the police to produce him in court and set him at liberty. CBCID Madurai unit’s SIT R Krishnarajan so far denies his claim that mastermind Police Bakrudeen is still absconding )

Tamilnadu so far remained as a Garden of Peace slowly switching to the Bomb culture creates panic and suspicion among the public. Popular Front requests the police to investigate this incident in the right direction.

Popular front requests the Chief minister, who is also in charge of the Police department, should take special attention and care to ensure justice and ensure peace to prevail in Tamilnadu for ever.

Further Popular front urges the Police officers concerned of investigation process should investigate fairly in the right direction and not act under any pressure or in a biased manner against any Innocents or in such a way to entrap Muslim Community (to damage the cultural identity of Muslims). The real culprits those who disrupts public peace and responsible for this criminal acts of terrorism should be identified, should be exposed and be brought to justice promptly.

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